Quilting News

Post date: Feb 26, 2019

Oh! This February day, weather @ 65 sunny degrees, and 13 quilters/stitchers were delightful: Brenda, DawnJoan, Dorothy, Go, Laurie, Nona, Phyllis, Rita, Sara, Sharon, Sondra, Susie M. and Trish. We all enjoyed the delivery of Susie's birthday, big basket of snacks, chips/dip, fruit and chocolates, a very thoughtful gift from her neighbor which she shared with us! Thanks, Susie M.!

QUILTING NEWS: Progressing on the six quilts in frames; the 2nd frame was turned today. A shopper ordered the transportation quilt. Thanks to Laurie, who finished quilting the BIG,"Sunbonnet Sue", special order quilt in record time of ONE WEEK! Sure she quilted every waking hour! The "Mother Goose" quilt is bound and a Carousel top is sewn. Laurie, Sharon and Sondra were working on quilt squares (to be quilted by Julie) for Eloise's LSU quilt. Regretfully the LSU and woodland animals patterns are LOST? Laurie even cleaned out/ sorted files, looking for the patterns.

NEWS: Nona's back!!! It was such a pleasant surprise to see Nona walk into the Chapel today. Her very nice friends/neighbors from Arkenshire brought her, even with a packed a lunch. Hopefully we can coordinate with Ann, DawnJoan and Sharon who live in the area for her transportation. Get well wishes to Ann; she is "better", but still has nasty, coughing episodes, and continues on antibiotics. Brenda/Don have listed their house! Dawn Joan has knitted a soft, cotton, cuddly, ecru blanket for an expected, new great-grandchild. We are all so very proud of Dorothy's son/Coach Lance and the Women's In-Door Field and Track Team winning their 5th straight SEC Title! Lance praised their win on TV, saying, "They exceeded all expectations!", scoring 81 points ahead of the 2nd place team/score! Go is exercising her shoulder... not PT... but cleaning walls and ceilings! HOW ambitious! Wonder IF she hires out? Our thoughts and prayers to Karen, as her mother who'd fallen and had hip surgery has been moved to Circles of Life Hospice. We sure are keeping Laurie busy... quilting, and using her artistic talents to draw patterns! Mary wrote that she'd fallen and injured her leg; it is healing. But she's sure not resting with guests Lori/Terry visiting, they've already sewn 2 quilt tops and have 2 more cut, ready to sew. Prayers for the success of Nell's surgery and recovery. Ruby wrote, she's "not feeling well... with the new medications."

Table talk: Our 1st cars, makes, models, year, their unique "nick-names", prices and stories! Taking a walk (or ride) down memory lane...

TRIVIA and fun facts about February: *February is the shortest month of the year. *Named for the Roman "Februa", a festival of ritual purification and washing... a spring cleaning of sorts. * Feb. 2 - Groundhog Day and whether he sees his shadow as a forecast of an early spring or 6 more weeks of winter. *February can pass without a single full moon. * In the northern hemisphere, it is equivalent to the 3rd month of winter; in the southern hemisphere it is the 3rd month of summer. *Only month to add a day on years divisible by 4. "February has but 28 days, but leap-year gives it 29!" *This quadrennial Leap/29th day is known as a lucky day when a woman can propose to a man. *Leap year - February begins and ends on the same day of the week. *And special days: *2/2 Groundhog Day, 2/12 President Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, 2/14 Valentine's Day, 2/22 President George Washington's Birthday, the 3rd Monday - President's Day and Federal Holiday. And MY purple favorite - *February Amethyst birthstone and Violet flower! *It is the most frequently mis-spelled and mis-pronounced month.