Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

A reminder that NO quilting Tues., Dec. 12, as QUILTING ended last week, with a group photo, a catered Christmas lunch and the last 2 quilts taken out of the frames!!! Quilting to resume February 6, 2018, thus our "winter hiatus" will be a lengthy 8 weeks!!! So IF any of you are bored, have time on your hands and sitting idle, there are LOTS of embroidered squares and centers to sew into quilts for the new year! VOLUNTEERS? Please do call me after the holidays!!!!!

A brief synopsis of 2017 QUILTING: 85 TOTAL QUILTS, 54 quilted in 2017, plus 31 prior year inventory; 1 quilt (Winnie the Poo) was donated, 59 quilts were sold, 25 completed quilts and estimated quilt income is $4,685. plus $570 donations = $5,255. (not yet confirmed by J).

My most sincere gratitude, thanks and appreciation to M for assuming my quilt duties and ALL of YOU for continuing to quilt and working together as Son's Chapel volunteers during my reverse shoulder replacement surgery, lengthy recovery and 6 months of therapy!

Thanks to all who volunteered to deliver cookies and poinsettias to our past and ill Chapel family. Hoping you had equally pleasant experiences, as did I with their being most gracious, and even getting tearful reading the names on the Christmas card. Thanks to C for her thoughtfulness, making the motion to visit them. And thanks to M for suggesting taking the extra cookies from the Christmas sing-a-long. Thanks for your donation of cookies, food, clothing and cash as our Christmas gifting. Food and money was taken to the NW AR Food Bank by M. Clothing was taken to 7-Hill by C. M has the count of all the donations. We were attired in Christmas sweaters (@ 70 degrees) with 41 attending the Sunday sing-a-long..

"I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"