Quilting Feb 2nd

Post date: Feb 3, 2016 7:14:49 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

THANK GOODNESS we all survived the NEW YEAR's tumultuous weather without any catastrophic incidents, traumatic injury or hospitalization, despite the record rains, flooding, snow, and airport/flight cancellations! Then came the unseasonable, beautiful sunny and warm temperatures which ended abruptly today with the 3 a.m. thunder storms and the 6 a.m. 40 mph winds, didn't blow us away, instead maybe helped to blow us in, but sure didn't dampen the enthusiasm of 24 quilters/stitchers ("ALL anxious to "get back to the grindstone" or quilting frames!), as we began our 2016 quilting year.

Thanks to B C. for the delicious, fresh apple cake treat for lunch. And thanks to: J for replacing the kitchen outlets (right NOW, said S); J for replacing the closet door knob; and S taking off the arm-rests, thus converting it now into a useful, quilting chair. And our sincere gratitude for ALL those who lovingly worked so hard during the water-leakage and flooding of the Chapel basement, necessitating moving, cleaning and, mopping/bailing/ using water-vacs to make the Chapel "high and dry", especially in time for the scheduled wedding!

Thanks to willing helpers and "early birds" who working together, got the quilting frames hung up. B and D J had knitted sweaters for "show and tell": B was wearing her's with a shawl collar, and DJ's was a child's tan/brown with reindeer design. G had a picture of a onezy she'd knitted with bunny design. What talent! We had 3 visitors who came in to browse today. A new sign above the hanging quilts: Anne Geddes "Sunflower Bonnet Babies" print!

Any necessary editing? Corrections will be made next week...

Son's Chapel 2015 Quilt Report

*77 QUILTS sold (71 baby, J.Pace's BIG tulip & 2 pansy, breast cancer, t- shirt and wedding quilts) *Quilt Income $7,089.80 *BOTH records!

*inventory of 20 completed quilts (17 baby, 2 breast, 1 raffle)

6,900 est. VOLUNTEER HOURS for 2015 (1) 3,900 hrs. quilting/sewing at the Chapel; (2) 1,700 est. hrs. embroidery; (3) 1,300 est. hrs. designing/ cutting/sewing/marking/sandwiching/binding quilts. 36 Volunteers

2015 was a RECORD YEAR of quilts, income, 75th Anniv/Open House and AR Gazette publicity and the Martha Stewart's "American Made" Nomination and Finalist! THANKS to ALL our Son's Chapel Volunteers!