May 17 Quilting news

Post date: May 18, 2016 12:25:55 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Quilters,

Cloudy, overcast, misty, and cooler than "normal" temperatures describe this not-so-perfect May day, but thankfully didn't mar the enthusiasm and attendance for 20 quilters/stitchers. And we had an over-abundance of food choices for a lunch group of just 24.

S has typed, updated, printed and distributed our NEW, vibrant pint, Son's Chapel 2016 Directory. Thanks S for all your time and work in preparation! Thanks to E for sweeping-up and N for washing-down the tables, after lunch. But, aren't "sweeping-up/washing-down" really misnomers, should up be down and down be up?!?!?!

SHOW and TELL: Hopefully you 'all got to see D's photo album of ALL her beautifully knitted sweaters and pieced quilts! We marvel about her beautiful work/stitching! M has restored/resurrected/completed another quilt, repairing and quilting a "Dresden Plate" quilt. How gorgeous! Even the owner could hardly believe the transition with M's magic! S has been busy, having pieced and created two lovely, 2-sided quilts, with unique backing, and machine quilting. N brought in a quilt with a hole in the backing; she was seeking suggestions... Thanks to D coming up with an appropriate piece to appliqué on and FIX-it! (Like the lyrics... "Dance with the dolly with a hole in her stockin'...")

QUILTING NEWS: Thanks to D and G for their "quality-control" stitching on two quilts. We appreciate J's donation of a whole, big bag of new fabrics, many large pieces. Lots are Native AM style prints; need creative ideas/suggestion for quilts, and VOLLUNTEER sewers, please. M brought in lots and lots of quilt pieces, donations from her sisters, for the taking. We all enjoyed seeing the various patterns and pieces, and especially the vintage fabrics!

Thanks M for sewing/donating two quilt tops, cross-stitched, animal squares. Two quilts were bound this week; one quilt top sewn (wild animal crib-size panel); 3 quilts were sold today: a "Sunbonnet Sue" quilted by N and 2 Noah's Ark quilts; and 2 quilts were ordered. Got another BIG roll of batting today... "Willkeep us in stitches" (ha! ha!) and ready for sewing LOTS M~O~R~E quilts!