March 15th

Post date: Mar 30, 2016 5:29:29 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

Twas a beautiful, sunny, warm (record 79 degrees) day, with blooming daffodils for the "Ides of March" and 24 quilters/stitchers.

Soup lunch had a St. Patrick's Day decor and was enjoyed by 32, with 2 new soups and a varied menu; one guest said, "It was the BEST!" Thanks to all who set-up, cleaned-up and washed dishes. Thanks to S (with an O, not an a, e, i, u or y) for "Swiffer"-ing the floors, for the 2nd week.

L vacationed in FL and brought 4 quilts M made and is donating to the Chapel. We all "oooooo'd and ah'd" at Ms quilts and her being like Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, "High ho... high ho... its off to work M goes" sewing and quilting, even while vacationing. N brought a really OLD, vintage quilt, circa 1800s, with great historic documentation, made by Mary Brook 1823/1906, of the family of her sister's husband. What incredible stitching using 52 spools of thread and a well-preserved quilt with 1,200 pieces!

QUILTING NEWS: Two quilts are sandwiched, Girls' baseball/softball, and "Mother Goose" ready and waiting as replacements when quilts get completed! Two quilts were sewn, "Now I Lay Me..." and cat squares; and "Dapper Dan" is bound. And a prolific quilt day: M's 4 designs: 2 whole cloth, lady bugs and Chevron (zig-zag) quilts to the inventory; and 5 new embroidered/cross-stitched centers: J (1) Teddy bear, (2) ythgiN, thgiN (mirror image?, a reversal quandary and vote) and (3) wild animals; M - bouquet; and S - "Mary had...Lamb".

SAD NEWS: Our most sincere sympathy thoughts and prayers to the family of Nancy Cope and Sharon and family on the death of her mother.

Thursday, March 17th is St. Paddy's Day, and I want to tell you HOW important you are to Son's Chapel, how loyal and dedicated you 'all are to share your time and stitching/sewing/quilting talents, and how enjoyable are all our discussions/conversations/input with your intelligence, humor, wit, fun and friendship... and that's NO BLARNEY!!!!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!