June 7th

Post date: Jun 8, 2016 1:03:38 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

Sure can say "ditto" about another G~R~E~A~T, sunny/warm (@83 degrees but not too humid) and pleasant day for 19 "quilting/sewing bees".

SHOW and TELL: Betty Buckley, a guest, brought in 2 samples of fabric with "painted" flowers, using colored pencils and Delta's "Ceramcoat" to set the colors. Directions - Color, brush on sealant, let dry, iron and it transforms the color into permanent, flexible and washable fabric!

M has finished quilting Sandy's BIG 105" X 120", over-sized king, beautiful, blue, appliqu├ęd quilt! If you recall, that was the quilt S had brought in earlier, but our quilt frame was not large enough (saying we'd wait for Mary). God Bless M and all her hours/days/weeks, tedious/meticulous quilting and in "record" time (with her more than 24-hr. days)! Know S will be awed/delighted/elated, as were we!

QUILTING NEWS: Three sets squares were embroidered by - D (2) Sunbonnet Sue and K - transportation. Two quilt tops sewn by M - yellow and pink 1/2 sq. (a pattern idea from the Martha Stewart contest); 4 quilt tops sewn - ABC, Sunbonnet Sue, Sunbonnet babies and pieced, tumbling blocks. M donated 6 different fabric pieces and S M. donated baseball trim.

MAY QUILT REPORT: Quilt inventory - 27 quilts are completed/for sale (24 baby, 2 breast cancer and the raffle quilt); 28 quilt tops are sewn/available; and 9 quilts were sold with an income of $707.96.

Year-to-date, 17 quilts sold, $400 donation, total income $1,742.49.

FYI - Forwarded Message from S: http://quiltersdiary.com/quilting-wisdom/

Thought you 'all might enjoy this.