Feb 24th

Post date: Feb 24, 2016 6:31:57 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Quilters,

Glad to learn that you do READ and MISSED my usual, weekly Tuesday quilting recaps. Thanks to J for "taking charge", opening up the Chapel, taking attendance and notes and e-mailing me all the news last week while I was SICK with sinusITIS, and very similar symptoms of my previous 3-wk bout with bronchITIS. (With the definition of IT being a third person pronoun, and IS a third person verb DOES NOT justify how I -1st person/singular felt at all!) NO it wasn't ISIS (as an outspoken/doer/activist YES, but NOT a radical/terrorist! tee! hee!). Really appreciated all your many calls, e-mails, cards and get-well wishes!

So I'll be incorporating the NEWS for two weeks. Our spring-like weather, the past five days of temperatures in the 70s, and beautiful, warmth and sunshine have disappeared. boo! hoo! Didn't even get our "Quilts for Sale" sign up for the rather dismal, misty day, but still LOTS of activity/work for 17 quilters/ stitchers (and 2/16 last week's 19 and 27 for soup lunch). K T visited today; and S assembled a "quilt block" for her to practice quilting.

Thanks to T, E's husband and ALL of you for helping to again dismantle and MOVE/CARRY everything from the basement upstairs to the Chapel, as the cement floors will be resurfaced this Thurs/Fri. Your help epitomizes the Biblical verse: "Many Hands Make Light Work!" and "Together we can...", "YES! We can...", "Couldn't do it without YOU!" THANKS to ALL for all pitching in and your hard work for the Chapel!

S H reports TWO recent incidents - the furnace thermostat was left on and the lights were on! So WHEN/IF you visit the Chapel, please follow the instructions/ protocol posted on the door when you leave to assure the Chapel is safe!

QUILTING NEWS: Two quilts were quilted at home by N - "Sunbonnet Sue" (already ordered and bound/laundered) and S - "Ring of Animals". Two more "Sleepy Bear" centers were embroidered by D and B S (B's sister). Three quilt tops were sewn - cats, Dapper Dan and Mother Goose. Two quilts were sandwiched; the blue animal squares N took home to quilt. And two quilts were ordered. Thanks to all for you extra "home work"!

Correction of our 2/9 "table talk : "There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." is a quote by former Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, not Sandra Day O-Connor.

DO NOT USE "FORWARD ALL" was discussed as some of our computers have been hacked/compromised. When responding, PLEASE DO NOT use this sort-cut, even though it is easier and more convenient. It is RECOMMENDED that you create/generate your own "TO: addresses" thus avoid this nuisance affecting ALL our computers.

Take these steps to protect your computer from hackers:

1 - Use a 2-way firewall. 2 - Update your operating system regularly. 3 - Increase your browser security settings. 4 - Avoid questionable web site. 5 - Only download software from sites you trust. 6 - Practice safe e-mail protocol. 7 - Don't open messages from unknown senders. And I'm adding... NO - don't send money, even IF you recognize the name in "Subject" area. CHECK the validity if suspicious of any content!