Aug 30

Post date: Sep 7, 2016 1:33:07 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

YES! Indeed, like the cliché, "Call them and they will come!", with a great response to my plea for this 5th Tuesday of the month with 24 quilters/ stitchers.

P M, our "new gal on the block", returned and was put to work, under the auspices of mentor, M. Also, a quilt square was sent home as stitching homework. Thanks to A for gifting her great collection of magazines chuck-full of arts/crafts/creative ideas.

QUILTING NEWS: Thanks to the persistence and diligence of D and N for completing the 2-sided quilt. With this out, in went the new - Dinosaur and "Now I Lay Me..." quilts. Two quilts were bound (Blue birds and Dogs) and 2 quilt tops sewn (Bugs/Jar and Sea Animals). The ABC/ Bear quilt was sold. The "Sunbonnet Sue" contracted for quilting has a iron-on stablizer/ backing; after discussion, M has volunteered to quilt it.

Asking again for multi-tasking next week, "talking/walking/chewing gum" , to get the 4 quilts done/out of the 2 frames before 9/10 Open House, please. Have been told to have only ONE quilt frame up for quilting, so that visitors can observe..."this is HOW we do it!"


Ooooooooops... Did I miss you coming down the Dixon Street water slide last weekend? Will you bring your photos to share...?

LOTS of activities and frivolity this weekend:

* Friday night high school football begins.

* Saturday is the 1st football game - AR Razorback vs Louisiana Tech.

* Monday is Labor Day - a National Holiday to recognize and honor the achievements, contributions and sacrifices of American workers, for the pursuit of national prosperity and well-being.