Aug 23

Post date: Sep 7, 2016 1:27:16 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

WHATZUP? With the weather of 51 degrees this past week (the lowest temperature since May 21st), and today's HIGH/HUMID 81* for 19 quilters/ stitchers. The calendar says its August! Is it still summer? or is it fall?

We enjoyed N's brownies and T's jello poke cake as our lunch treats. T and the Chapel did get press coverage in the Sunday AR Gazette, Profiles, D-1, D-2. Thank you T for the PR! Thanks to B, C, R for staying into the afternoon; B swept up and G cleaned the bathroom.

Two guests visited today; P mwanting her "Grandma's Flower Garden" quilted; and she's also interested in learning to quilt. Do hope that she'll come back. And a lengthy visit with N S (K's husband) who is now retired. (He made our tracing, shadow box and was pleased to see that we still use it.)

QUILTING NEWS: Thanks to N for quilting the "Blue Bird" and N for quilting the pieced dog quilts at home! And thanks to embroiderers for 2 sets of squares - "bugs/jar" by L and animals by J. The "owls" quilt was bound; 3 quilt tops sewn: animals, sea animals and transportation; and 2 quilts sandwiched. One "Ring of Animals" quilt was sold, and one quilt ordered.

Next week, the 30th is my favorite 5th Tuesday, hope to have "you 'all come" for "a sit 'n a stitch 'n"! With only 2 more weeks to get quilts done/out of the frames before our 9/10 Open House!


2016 Summer Olympics Trivia: Over 1100 athletes competed in the Olympics! Team U.S.A. won 46 GOLD, 37 SILVERand 38 BRONZE, totaling 121 Olympic MEDALS O0O0O !!!!!

Razorback Medalists: Sandi Morris won SILVER in Pole Vaulting. Taylor Ellis Watson won USA team-GOLD for 1600 Relay. Running for Jamaica - Omar McLeod won GOLD in 110-meter Hurdles and Veronica Campbell Brown won team-GOLD in 400 Relay. Tyson Gay and Jarrion Lawson were disqualified for baton violation after getting BRONZE in the Men's 400 Relay Team.

We're very PROUD and CONGRATULATE these Arkansas Razorback WINNERS and ALL who participated!