Aug 16th

Post date: Aug 17, 2016 12:21:12 PM

The dense, morning fog thankfully cleared, with the bright, morning sun and high humidity making for a H~O~T day for 21 busy sewing bees. S shared her fresh, sweet figs. Yum! Yum! T again thoughtfully brought W for lunch, and also arranged for the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette photographer, with hopefully PR in the Sunday paper. We had 32 for soup lunch. Thanks to everyone's help, B for being "chief" dish-washer and B C. and R sweeping up.

QUILTING NEWS: S called herself a "scrappy quilter", having sewn a pieced quilt top with columns of triangles, a great mixture of colors/prints/ fabrics and framed in tan/maroon. WHAT a very prolific quilt day with 4 quilts sold (cat squares, dog center, appliqu├ęd cats/dogs, and pieced, tumbling blocks) and 3 new orders! Hope these idioms aren't messages of "We're going to the dogs?" or "Is it raining cats and dogs?" Thanks to G for quilting the owl quilt. Six quilts were bound this week and 9 quilts laundered! Whew! Thanks to D for her care/concern to "align the stars" quilting design on the "Sleepy Bear" quilt.


TRIVIA: Thursday, August 18, 2018 Almost Eclipse!

The time/date calculation show that the Sun, Earth and Moon will be very closely aligned, but there will be no lunar eclipse. As viewers on Earth will not be able to see the Earth's shadow on the Moon!

RIO OLYMPICS: Still watching and rooting for AR athletes to WIN gold!