Quilting/Soup Lunch May 19

Post date: Jun 11, 2015 12:42:53 PM

OLD NEWS, but still "good news"...

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

Another very pleasant May day (without the need of AC or heat!) for 21 busy and productive quilting bees; plus the newspaper photographer, 75th Anniversary planning meeting, soup lunch for 27! WHEW! Much too much activity, "above and beyond"?

Finished quilting on 4 quilts: 2 out of the frame today, and 2 quilted at home by M and N. Five quilts were sandwiched today, 2 put in frames, and 3 taken home by M, N, S. Ordered today: 3 baby quilts and a BIG, wedding quilt (a delayed order from last year)for AMZ. Hope you'all noticed M's newest sewing projects: the 2-sided "Handmade Baby Quilts for Sale", quilts >, and 4 string/pin keepers (from G's sample)! Thanks to all who cleaned up after lunch and those who stayed to stitch in the afternoon. Appreciation to all who volunteer your many talents and extra thanks to those who give 110%+!

Late thanks for last week's treats and donations: 2 quilting templates from N; M's yummy, homemade, chocolate/fruit bars; and fresh, tasty watermelon from N and pineapple from N.

Tuesday, May 26 IS a Quilting Day!