Quilting/Soup Lunch Aug 18

Post date: Aug 19, 2015 4:57:47 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Quilters,

It was a very pleasant summer day with the temperatures a little cooler and a bit more palatable, and another very productive, quilting day with 22 very busy quilters/stitchers. Lunch was another delicious array of soups, sandwiches, salads and desserts for 31, with spouses and guests. Thanks to S for washing dishes and all those who set-up and cleaned up lunch.

L L , friend of M, returned today as a guest, and was quickly put to work. She pitched right in, helping to pin/ sandwich a quilt and learning to trace a quilt pattern. A finished her "Friendship Ties" quilt, with all silk neckties, what lovely work and pattern; and loved her special label: "I made myself a quilt and my cat thinks its his!" S has finished another very special "I SPY" quilt. G G has donated lots of muslin, backing material and 4 partial packages of batting. A thank you note has been sent to her. And thanks to J for taking a picture of G's quilt wall-hanging for her. The Chapel Note Cards are packaged and available, 6 cards for $5.00, with 2 each/3 views of the Chapel.

QUILT NEWS: THANK YOU! YEA! What a great day having the "fund-raiser"/raffle, blue gingham quilt OUT OF THE FRAME!!!!!! You sure "MADE MY DAY!" and I am VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY content, delighted, elated, fortunate, happy, gracious, indebted, joyful, pleased, proud, relieved, and over-whelmed by ALL the hours of quilting, your hard work, dedication, achievement and production to "get 'r done" in just 2 months!!!!!!!! NOW, a plea, for help, ideas and suggestions... can we come up with a CLEVER name/title for this quilt to use at the Ozark Quilt Show? NAME THAT QUILT???? It is navy blue gingham and white, has 12 embroidered squares for the 12 months with an appropriate design depicting each month, the 12, 16-patch squares are each a DIFFERENT geometric design of 32 blue gingham and white triangles, and the backing is a very colorful, with blue Amish-maids and designs, navy/white polkadots, and blue/yellow/pink flowers. Like the TV show, "Name that song..." lets "Name this quilt"!

Two quilts tops were sewn, S's pink "sleepy bear" and L's pink "Ring..." Also, 2 quilts, horses and twinkle..., were sandwiched today. S M. embroidered a set of Noah squares. Two quilts were sold: the green/purple "sleepy bear" quilted by N and the mom/baby. N quilted the "swing" quilt, an order. And S took the green frog quilt home to quilt the frog border.

A second BIG roll of batting, jokingly termed "yellow snowman" (because of the yellow plastic wrapping), was bought and donated by R. The 1st roll is all gone, used for about 40 quilts this year! YES! We have been very busy sewing beeeees! And the BIG, wedding quilt is off to a great start... with one row almost quilted. Let's keep on.... keeping on... quilting!!!!! Thanks to E, B, R as today's clean-up crew.

IT'S BACK TO SCHOOL week... so heed the school speed limits, obey the NEW AR law of NO cell phones or texting in school zones! DRIVE CAREFULLY! KEEP SAFE!