Quilting / Soup lunch

Post date: Nov 18, 2015 2:48:44 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

"Don't know why there's NO sun up in the sky?" Today certainly reiterated these lyrics from the 1943 musical comedy, "STORMY WEATHER," but surely didn't dampen our spirits and/or attendance today with 24 quilters/stitchers "weathering the storm". Sure was surprised and REALLY and SINCERELY APPRECIATE your coming today, responding to my PLEA for "nimble fingered" quilters to finish up the last 5 quilts for the year. Also a good day for tasty, warm soup for 33; good thing that T anticipated L's late arrival (for heard the "cupboard was bare").

QUILT NEWS: Got M 's label sewn on the BIG wedding quilt; NOW, finally ALL DONE... "signed/sealed/and to be delivered!" And S took photos, but HOW could we ever forget it ?!?! L L. came in today, bearing gifts; thanks for her donations of a magnifying light, cat patterns and embroidery hoops. Plus, she finished sewing the "contract" t-shirt quilt! R embroidered a 3 Little Pigs center.

The side, basement "wall" has been cleaned and sealed, all ready for the new shelving for fabric boxes. Any suggestions for organization/storage?!?!?!?!Glad everyone got the message and was able to safely maneuver around the FAR barricaded driveway entrance.

Hope I got most of the news, since I was preoccupied with completing the BIG wedding quilt before an appointment. Anything missed and/or amiss? Please let me know...

Veteran's Day trivia: B H is our own VETERAN, an Army Nurse and a nurse at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (info from T).

If you're not going... "Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go…" for Thanksgiving, hope to see you next week! OH! MY! Forgetting, our age... WE ARE THE GRANDMAS and Great-GRANDMAS!