Quilting May 26

Post date: Jun 11, 2015 12:44:22 PM

OLD news, but still good news...

Dear Son's Chapel Quilters,

YEA, for the 19 "loyal and faithful followers", quilters/stitchers who were present for quilting today. We managed to "squelch our enthusiasm of preparing for the Open House" until our usual 11:30 lunchtime! N's sweet and yummy chocolate sticks gave us some quick energy for our afternoon of work.

Three quilts were taken home to quilt: N quilted the "whole cloth", "Now I Lay Me..." from J, M - the Sunbonnet Sue, which is ordered. and the "blue-work" "Ring of Animals" in S's lap quilt for the Open House. M H came in with a donation of her mother's sewing treasures. A thank you note has been sent. Then after lunch, the action of taking down, cleaning up, stashing, hiding... B~E~G~A~N... OUT OF SIGHT!!!! OUT OF MIND!!!! Quoting English Dramatist, John Heywood, "Many hands make light work..." YES, indeed!!!!! Thanks to all who cooperatively together, moved, carried and cleaned. We kept tooting... "YES... we can... YES... we can..."! "TOGETHER WE CAN!" Just like Son's Chapel dedication plaque!

SEE you ALL on Saturday for the Son's Chapel 75th Anniversary and Open House!