Quilting May 12th

Post date: May 13, 2015 1:40:32 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

What a wonderful reprieve from the past rainy days, and "flood warnings"; thus thinking we might be bailing water from the Chapel floor, needing a boat or maybe even an Ark! ha! ha! Luckily, it was a bright, sunny day with 14 quilters. Hopefully the new gutters and downspouts have re-routed the previous water leakage problems!

Thanks to M's help two quilts were sandwiched and placed in the frame; both are "sold" ordered. Two of the quilts out of the frame last week were bound: one was sold/paid for today; and the other buyer has been called. E invited Cris Kleinlauth, a friend, to visit. Hoping she'll join us, we sent her home with a quilt square, as homework to practice her quilting skills! Thanks E for the "QUILTOMOMIC$" internet article; sure have LOTS of THOUGHTS about quilt pricing! If you've NOT read the article, please do so; would like to discuss all these ideas at a later time! Great to have L back ("No more teachers... NO more books..." ha! ha!), bringing in 4 sets of embroidery squares - animals and cross-stitched Dapper Dan/Sunbonnet Sue; and also a set of embroidered animal squares from ME . Plus L skillfully drew "olive branches" on S's quilt panel. P visited today and brought her niece, S, to see our quilts.

May 30 Open House and Chapel Re-Dedication: L J visited today; she is a featured writer of local events from the Democrat Gazette. Being a quilter, hopefully she will give us really GOOD PUBLICITY! SEE those great, BIG, 2-sided OPEN HOUSE signs? Thanks to B/J!!

Soup Lunch - May 19: "If you are on Group 2, and didn't sign up, please call Linda to see what foods are needed."


P.S. The second "Just a Mom?" send ton Mother's Day was requested (without the quilting notes) by several quilters; rushing I hit "ALL" in haste before leaving for Church and Mother's Day brunch. My excuse: "So much to do ...and so little time! or is it "So little to do... and so much time?" and/or NOT multi-tasking well!