Quilting, March 24th

Post date: Mar 25, 2015 2:16:17 AM

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

We were happily quilting and singing along to the lyrics... "Oh! What a morning... Oh! What a beautiful day!" with just 16 (a slight/light group). What a great spring day... but not looking forward to the forecasted spring storms for tonight.

Perpetuating the metaphor, "We are our own best customers", four quilts that were ordered, sold/paid for today. Thanks to our own patronage! Three new quilt tops were sewn this week. J's embroidered, new, "Now I lay me down to sleep...", a crib-sized/whole panel quilt top got great approbation. D J knitted two beautiful sweaters for her great-grandkids, one yellow with a hood, and the other in red with a heart pattern and matching hat. G has started a new project, "count and cross-stich" which has NO pattern, just a picture reference. N brought in two, vintage, gorgeous quilts, one with squares of 1/4" silk fabric pieces and the other with every seam beautifully embroidered! What treasures!

Will abruptly close... due to the darkened skies, blustery winds and forthcoming storm.

Hope to SEE you 'all next Tuesday, the 5th (my favorite) Tuesday of this month.