Quilting June 9

Post date: Jun 11, 2015 12:52:22 PM

First to clarify the purpose of my weekly, "Tuesday Quilting Recaps"...e-mails, since questions arose about the omission of reporting Open House news and listing those present...

As Quilt Chair, the SOLE intention of these RECAPS is to keep everyone abreast of QUILTING NEWS: WHAT WE'RE DOING AS QUILTERS, new embroidery work/quilt tops/projects, the progress of quilts, and the quilt inventory of what is finished/completed/sold. So whether you are present and your name is listed, or if you're not here on Tuesday, ALL of us are kept updated and "on the same page" of our QUILTING ACTIVITIES! Plus, hopefully, with the inclusion of news/illnesses/travels/tidbits (and some humor), we'll keep your interest, encourage your attendance, and learn any info you've missed... (like the 4 W's: "Who went where when?" and HOW?).

I do TRY to separate and NOT report things from/about Rural Builders meetings/events, as NOT to offend, "step on toes", infringe upon anyone's domain, and/or conflict with the duties and responsibilities of President DJ, officers and board members.

I reiterate, our "MISSION of hand-quilting baby quilts" is the source of income for Son's Chapel to pay the bills, maintain and perpetuate the Chapel! Remember... as quilters "TOGETHER WE CAN!!!"

Dear Son's Chapel Quilters,

What a great week for Fayetteville, with ALL publicity and revenue generated by the guests/visitors for the Wal Mart Stock Holders' events/meeting and the "Super" Regional Baseball Finals at Baum Stadium! Woo...Pig... Sooie.. We're very proud and supportive of the Razorback Diamond Hogs VICTORY, deafeating 8th rank - Missouri and being "Oma-HOG" College World Series bound!

If these 90 degrees temperatures for early June are any indication, looks like we're in for a "L~O~N~G, HOT SUMMER!" But with the cool, Chapel basement as our quilting area, and the AC cranked up, 21 quilters/stitchers were really busy, sewing bees today. A's very fragrant Gardenia blossom from her garden emitted a sweet fragrance in the Chapel; N brought NYC personalized M&Ms to share from her trip to the "Big Apple"; and S M. brought deviled eggs for lunch.

Again today, A, B, B and J were "string picking" (NO! not plucking fidlers or guitar musicians), but the chair wheels/rollers... NOT barren, nor bare, but bearing... chuck full, filled up, clogged and cluttered with string/ threads! Tweezers, small pliers, rippers, etc. were their choice of tools, with them saying, "They're NOT nit-picking!" ha! ha! The weekly CLEAN UP routine after lunch and quilting was implemented last week; hopefully ALL will cooperatively rotate a turn; wk #1 - M; today #2 - DJ; #3 volunteer?

Quilt News: Thanks for donations: M - 2 thimbles and fabric and J - pliers. L embroidered another girl's baseball center, and M quilted a "bugs/jar" quilt. Four quilts were done today and taken out of the frames,(2 - Dresden plates in record time of 4 wks, and bugs and dogs in 5 wks) and ALL already sold. Thanks to all for all your many stitches and dedication. Two quilts were sold (a baseball and M's blue, whole cloth). T asked for input about a donated, hand-pieced, wall-hanging. S marked 2 quilts today, and the BIG raffle quilt is marked; all will be sandwiched and ready for quilting next week... promise!!!

SHOW and TELL: L brought in two appliqued quilts made by ME. Both are original creations, beautifully designed, pieced, and quilted! ME is sure an inspiration and does lovely work! M made a very cute, "M's Noah Ark" quilt for their future grandson, M. S finished the second quilt with a square centers, a kind-of "I Spy quilt", which is already sold!