Quilting June 2

Post date: Jun 11, 2015 12:46:33 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

W~E~L~L, "I'm Back" on-line, hopefully virus-free and surviving the chaos of the past several weeks! Thank you for your patience, carrying on/just "keeping on...keeping on" (like the Energizer Bunny), and ALL your wonderful support, comments and notes about missing the weekly, Tuesday, quilting recaps. Will also try to compile an assemblage of order from my OLD notes from past, missed weeks (just in case you're still interested).

"It is the month of June, the month of leaves and roses... When pleasant sights salute the eyes, and pleasant scents the noses..." (Nathaniel Parker Willis), also with hot/summer temperatures, allergens, weddings, vacations, activities, etc. and our very successful Son's Chapel 75th Anniversary Rededication and Open House, with record donations and quilt sales!!!!!!!!!! We're still recovering, but 18 quilters/stitchers were present to "sit 'n stitch 'n". Thanks to all... and thanks for all the help in playing "hide and seek" in getting everything hidden/put away/tided up for Saturday, then getting things back in place today, so we can get back to our "MISSION of hand-quilting baby quilts for Son's Chapel!"

DISCUSSIONS today were the (1) thread-barren chair rollers and (2)a future quilt raffle. (1)The labors of B, J, L tediously plucked a nice sized "ball" of thread from just one quilting chair! So, in addition to having the "sewing pocket" and a bag for quilt scraps/threads, a more routine, weekly CLEAN-UP will be tried. EVERYONE is asked to take a turn cleaning up after quilting and eating; it shouldn't be a difficult effort or lengthy process, if we ALL take part, P~L~E~A~E? (2) A BIG 70" x 92", navy blue/white gingham quilt with embroidered (by M) squares of the 12 months and designed/sewn by R will finally be quilted for a future raffle. Other avenues for selling/marketing were a bazaar and selling during War Eagle Craft Fair, whether we could advertise? Suggestions, bright, new, creative, enthusiastic ideas NEEDED!!!!!!!

The "Sunbonnet Sue" quilted by M was sold today. Another quilt was ordered.

June Quilt Report: A RECORD quilting month for May with an income of $912.00, and a total of 12 quilts sold! At the Open House 9 quilts sold for an income of $697, plus an anonymous donation of $100 earmarked for quilt fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quilt inventory: 6 quilts are in-progress, 4 of which are sold/ordered; 18 finished quilts (1 sold, 1 ordered); and 25 quilt tops.

Checking the calendar... it's a good month with FIVE Tuesdays in JUNE! YEA!


P.S. Sending this without the usual bold print, highlights, headings, italics, etc. Will have to try to figure out "where" these icons are since the spam/virus repairs.