Quilting Aug 4

Post date: Aug 9, 2015 2:19:53 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

WHEW! A busy, L~O~N~G, hot, humid, summer day for 19 quilters/stitchers. Thanks to D J for the picturesque, souvenir bookmarks from her trip.

K S visited today perusing our quilts and prices. She has a source for advertising our quilts; E and S are to create a flyer to display. We also had 3 shoppers lured in by M's great "Handmade Baby Quilts for Sale" sign!

QUILT NEWS: Three quilts were sold today! Two more quilts were marked this week; having 4 (2 are sold) ready and waiting to be quilted. Thanks to N who volunteered to take a quilt home. B embroidered a blue/lilac/yellow "Ring...". B had a shadow-box display of a lovely, hand-made, intricate, embroidered doily made by the mother C R. N and DJ displayed their beautiful, treasured, heirloom quilts, each with a special story and memory! S has registered the Chapel for the Ozark Craft Fair at Shiloh in September.

A~L~E~R~T !!!! A~L~E~R~T !!!! Like the foghorn sound for a submarine dive! We're sinking! The supply of finished baby quilts has dwindled (HAVING SOLD 12 quilts in May, 12 quilts in June and 10 quilts in July)! THE DEMAND FAR EXCEEDS THE SUPPLY! MAYDAY!!! MAYDAY!!! We need help! (It is a GOOD distress call to have, meaning that quilt sales are booming!) But a worry for ME and I hope THEE of HOW to replenish the quilt supply?

Maybe adapting the lyrics from Michael's Jackson's "ABC... Easy as one, two, three, Simple as do-re-mi." (my line - Easy as you and me...)

Thus I'm Asking, Begging, Counting, Drafting, Encouraging, Facilitating, Gathering, Hastening, Invoking, Justifying, Keeping, Luring, Mustering, Needing, Obtaining, Pleading, Questing, Reaching, Soliciting, Touting, Urging, Valuing, Wanting, X'ing, Yielding, Zealously for your HELP!

Ideas? Suggestions? Adding EXTRA quilting days (maybe after school starts, vacation season is over, and summer time activities end)? HATE TO ASK and TAX the faithful quilters to take home quilts, but if you are willing and able, will you please?

JULY QUILT REPORT: Not to be repetitive, but July was another consecutive, RECORD breaking month, selling 10 quilts and $974 income. Inventory: 9 finished quilts (6 baby quilts with 3 sold today and 3 breast cancer); 3 quilts in-progress (2 baby quilts - 1/sold and the fund-raiser); 22 quilt tops - 2/sold.

Quilt Pricing: I was asked for input; average, current quilt price is $85. A time/ cost study as a basis for pricing: embroidering squares/centers - 20-25 hrs., doubled for cross-stitching; quilt design, selecting and cutting fabric, squaring up squares/ centers, and sewing quilt top - 10 hrs.; hand-quilting - 40-60 hrs. (4 quilters x 2 1/2 hrs x 4-6 wks in frame); binding, label, washing - 4 hrs. Most fabric is donated; but batting and backing cost $10-$15, embroidery floss/thread $5.) Question IF this is the current, optimal price for our local market? Would an increase deter sales? Further thoughts, ideas, suggestions for discussion...