Quilting Aug 25

Post date: Aug 26, 2015 11:10:51 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Quilters,

WHEW! Don't know about ALL of you, but it felt like we were on a tread-mill, merry-go-round, ferris wheel or maybe bumper cars, with lots of activity and everything a-buzzzzzzzzz...ing today. Thankfully it was a cool day, and even turned off the AC, so the breeze wouldn't freeze out the 19 quilter/stitchers.

THANKS to J C, and his partner/helper B, for all their hard work on the Chapel parking lot: leveling it, then, spread, raking, watering, and packing down the "crusher run" gravel to make the surface very smooth, without the bumps and pot-holes! It is a 110% IMPROVED walking and driving surface! We all appreciate you and your dedication to Son's Chapel!

We had 4 visitors today who browsed the quilts, but no buyers!? Somewhat a rarity?! However, one wanted a t-shirt quilt made. Our answer, "JUST SAY NO!" L L. is developing quite a quilt repertoire, today adding skills of quilt marking (even making her own pattern/design) and helping get quilts in the frame! And what a colorful, geometric quilt she sewed and brought in to share. B said the green/purple sleepy bear quilt was a baby shower gift, with the mother-to-be saying, "It was the cutest thing she ever saw. And it matches the colors of the nursery perfectly!" What a very nice compliment to receive! We KNOW we do good work, but also nice to know that others appreciate our quilts too! Thanks to E for replenishing our supply of quilt index cards. And she AGAIN did clean up, vacuuming the entire floor. Come...on, lets all take part in weekly clean up. Have you taken your turn to volunteer? E has finished quilting the 3rd of her grandmother's "postage stamp sized square" quilt! What nice stitching! We enjoyed B's "good cop story" from the front page of the AR Gazette, policemen with compassion!

QUILT NEWS: Keep thinking for a clever "Name that Quilt"! J still hasn't found those LOST/stray dog/cat patterns? Three quilts were finished today: "Twinkle..." done by N, the tent scene by N, and the sea animals which was in the frame with N finishing that last edge/border. Two quilts were marked for quilting by L L. Four baby quilts were put in the frames (bugs/jar, sea animals, sleepy bear and transportation). Two quilts were sewn this week: "Ring..." in blue/lilac/yellow and 3 Little Pigs. Two quilts were bound: the girl/swinging which is sold and the BIG, fund-raiser/raffle, blue-gingham, with S doing some quilt control stitching. Two centers were embroidered: sleep bear by B and "Ring..." by L. N took the horses home to quilt. And the BIG, contract, wedding quilt was rolled/turned, now 1/6th done! So, if you're counting... that's a total of 17 quilts worked on today! Might be a record? No wonder I felt frazzled, no not bedazzled!

We have LOTS of quilting to do... so we do need all of YOU to have finished quilts to sell/display at the Chapel, AND 6-8 quilts to take to the Ozark Quilt Show at Shiloh 9/12.


P.S. My personal thanks and appreciation for all your perfect quilting stitches and diagonal lines on the fund-raiser/raffle quilt. As I sat hand-sewing the binding, I marveled at your work and stitches, making the quilt look so beautiful! Thank you! And I am relieved and jubilant to have it completed! NOW pending are the decisions of when? and clarity of a raffle? But it will be displayed at Shiloh!