Quilting Aug 11

Post date: Aug 13, 2015 2:10:17 AM

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

THANK YOU 'all for your positive response to my ABC, alphabetical plea for help... Despite having a "black-out", due to 26 minute power outage, it truly was a great summer day with everyone pitching in, keeping on-task, and "sit 'n quilt 'n" into the afternoon, with 19 quilters/stitchers! Quilting continued, opening the shades for daylight;l N and A used their cell phone lights; while B was well-prepared, having her own flash light! Poor J got caught IN THE DARK (you know where?). We told her to open the door, and promised we wouldn't listen or peak! She contacted P, her knight in shining armor for lanterns, who came to our rescue. Thanks to N for a cracker treat for lunch ("Polly wants a cracker!" NO, not crack..., nor cracking up. ha! ha!) And D J's book marks (for those absent last week) created hysteria over David? Such comical comments, even quite risqué for demure and proper "quilting ladies"!

Disappointed by no response from K S. who visited last week, as an advertising source for our quilts. BUT what a blessing to have R back today, after her lengthy hiatus, her father's death, and ALL her health problems. She volunteered and was put to work folding note cards, and even left with "homework" - cross-stitch/embroidery! She looked great and we pray for her continued recovery. J W visited today with her grand daughter, also named R. She tried her hand at stitching and easily identified the "I-Spy" figures on S's two quilts. OH! To be young! OR maybe at our age, just settling for being "young at heart"!

QUILT NEWS: We're still quilting on the two baby and "fund-raiser" quilts, but making progress, hopefully on the LAST turn! The BIG, wedding quilt is IN-THE-FRAME and S and S started quilting! YEA! S embroidered a pink "Ring..." Trying to keep ahead and replenish our quilt "supply", five quilts were sandwiched this week and ready for quilting; N took the "swing" quilt home which is sold. Another quilt was sold today! Thanks A for the great suggestion for more quilting time! And thanks to clean-up crew - N and R. C thoughtfully gathered us for a photo and video to send to M for her birthday tomorrow. Don't know IF... she "CAN HEAR ME NOW?" in their Colorado cabin marooned in the wilderness? But we are thinking of you - M, wishing you a Happy Birthday, and saying WE MISS YOU and adapting the lyrics, "Won't you come home Bill Bailey (M)?" P~L~E~A~S~E...

CHAPEL NOTE CARDS: T has had NEW Son's Chapel note cards printed: Pkg. $5/6 cards, 3 views, 2 cards/each (2 of Chapel in color and 1 quilters). Packages are available at the Chapel.

R (computer not cooperative? so am sending on... unable to change the font/print size, or add BOLD highlights, italics, etc.?) OR MY! What did I do? I am blue as I stew! For I have NO clue...