Quilting - Feb 10, 2015

Post date: Feb 11, 2015 5:43:48 PM

Dear Volunteers,

First before I start the recap of today, don't fret about having received multiple Feb. 3rd notes, for ALL copies had the exact, same content; I was just covering all my bases as NOT to LOSE this third copy into cyber-space, a third time! So if you couldn't get the Quilting.wps loaded as an attachment, you also received a printed version. Sorry for the confusion.

This was "terrific Tuesday", (borrowed that from a local TV newscaster), with spring-like temperatures in the 60+s, for today's 21 talented volunteers. Candy heart treats were shared for Valentine's Day. Thank you notes were received from D and S. And a note was sent to P, regretting her decision to resign. Thanks to A and S for their donation of fabric!

NEWS: N is back from their trip, with her embroidered "sleepy bear" center which she's working hard to make perfect; despite our trying to convey that each piece is a individual creation.

Three quilts were sold today, and two quilts were ordered... Again, "We are our own best customers!" D J mentioned two upcoming craft fairs; she will bring more details next week. Asking for suggestions for putting up another quilt frame, maybe in the same area of the present two? With MANY quilting, we're really "rubbing elbows!" Now that is a really great problem to have, indeed!

L's reminder, "If you are on Group 2 for Soup Lunch, and didn't sign up, please call her to see what foods are needed."

Will you be my Valentine? Hope you 'all receive candy and roses from the LOVE of your LIFE...


P.S. Have tamed down my verbose diatribe... K~I~S~S (know the definition of that acronym?), after last week's frustration!