Post date: Sep 18, 2015 4:22:15 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

First a summation of the Saturday Ozark Quilt Fair at Shiloh, and SO pleased to have 16 from Son's Chapel! It was indeed a beautiful, sunny, pleasant day, displaying 9 of our quilts (2 S's pieced, one an "I Spy"; the raffle, "Calendar Quilt"; 1 breast cancer; and 5 baby quilts. We had fliers available to encourage VOTING for the Martha Stewart "American Made" and the Chapel tri-fold brochure. We met A N and B B who came to visit today. B/J, her husband, stayed for lunch, as well as taking a "sleepy bear" center for home-work! They are interested in joining us as embroiderers and we welcome them both.

It was another nice, warm, fall day for 25 (and that is a RECORD turn out for the year!) quilters/stitchers! Also had a record attendance of 41 for Soup Lunch! Our "fishes and loaves" multiplied with enough food to feed all! Thanks for ALL who set-up, washed and cleaned up. Like the idiom: "Many hands make light work!"

J's friend, P K, donated some lovely hand-embroidered and frog appliquéd squares, fabric, and 3 pkg. of printed patterns. A thank you note will be sent. B had cute, blue, tiny baby booties.

QUILT NEWS: Quilting was finished on 3 quilts, 2 out of the frame with M taking the sea animals home to finish, and N quilted a yellow/blue/lilac "Ring...". L embroidered another "Ring..." and was kept busy marking.Three quilts were sandwiched; and M helped get 2 quilts in the frame for next week.

Martha Stewart's "AMERICAN MADE" VOTING begins September 21st. Read the details in "Now is the time" message sent by D J. ALSO NEEDED are "COMMENTS!"

Raffle Quilt "Calendar Quilt" tickets are available, $1/each, or 6/$5. Raffle is December 1st.


“T Recommends” for your reading pleasure: Monica Ferris writes a series of “Cozy” Mysteries that are set in a fictitious Minnesota town, centered around a store selling knitting, crocheting & embroidering supplies, plus hosts a group of women who get together to sew… and gossip… every Monday. The owner is the one who solves mysteries. Books are easy, light reading & at least the one I read has a Crochet pattern included. Go is familiar with the author & has read a number of the books – the latest one is “Darned If You Do… A Needlecraft Mystery”, & others in series have equally appropriate names, like “Crewel World”, “Framed in Lace”, “A Stitch in Time” etc. Can’t promise quilting, tho! Fayetteville Public library has numerous copies, as does the Washington Co. library system.

Go read!