March 31st, 2015

Post date: Apr 1, 2015 5:24:07 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

Finally, its sunny and warm @ 80 degrees, so can quote this pithy/light verse: "Spring has sprung. The grass has Riz. I wonder where the flowers is." This nice, spring day brought forth 17 volunteers.

LOTS and LOTS of activity on this, the 5th Tuesday, with the first two quilts of 2015 done and finally out of the frame, and two more quilts already started! YEA! One quilt on-order, quilted by N, and bought/paid for today. P visited again today bringing another box of embroidery thread/floss and a light box for tracing patterns. A thank you note will be sent to P. The R family visited and promised to return next week to purchase a quilt for a new grandson. Rejoice! M has returned, bearing lots of gifts and "evidence" of her working while vacationing in Florida: she made and donated three quilts to the Chapel, 2 beautiful "whole panel", crib-sized quilts, and an ABC cross-stitched quilt. Also, she completed repairs of two quilts, what unimaginable renovations; brought the pink quilt she'd entered into the county fair, winning a 1st place, blue ribbon; and shared two t-shirt quilts she'd made for grandsons', J and J! We all had a good (and hope harmless) laugh, either due to our NOT SO astute hearing, or was it C's southern drawl? quiet/soft-spoken? articulation, about M--- working FAST, rather than being FAT! Thanks to D for taking time today to "seek and find", the treasured, favorite, golden thimble! N got a seat at the head of the lunch table, saying, "She was calling the meeting to order..." Isn't that head-seat reserved for the host, who "pays the bill" for the meal? Shall we tell her this precedent? And OH! quite a story S told about the outhouse the carpenter built, and what punch-line! The plea for the MASON JAR: S has a MASON jar for the label on S's "bug in a jar" quilt. So NO need for others to search.

HAPPY EASTER! May your baskets be filled with sweet treats, chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs, jelly beans and marshmallow peeps, and gardens blooming with fragrant, spring flowers.

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Happy Everything!