Sept 2nd Quilting

Post date: Sep 12, 2014 1:05:48 PM

Dear Quilters,

With the end of summer/Labor Day and despite the torrential morning rain, today was indeed a VERY FRUITFUL HARVEST of quilts, with 20 quilters. J's lunch news was a "tall watermelon tale"... honest! She said, "P. harvested a WATERMELON SO BIG, he had to use a furniture hand-truck and clear out the refrigerator!"

Quilt label, item #4, was missed in last week's letter: suggestion that the date on the label be omitted. A minimum extra charge of $10 for special labels will be added to the price of the quilt. The special labels will NOT be offered, only taken if requested. To CLARIFY, quilting will continue 1st and 3rd TUESDAY AFTERNOON QUILTING after meeting and soup lunch days, as needed, "make up quilting time", for those who are able to stay.

Thanks to M for quilting the Scotty dog quilt and S for marking the BIG, black bear quilt. Got 3 quilts sandwiched today, with 2 in frames and M taking the 3rd home to quilt. Hope you all saw the BIG wedding quilt laundered and displayed! WE DID GOOD! S delivered the quilt and the "bride/groom" were very pleased! FIVE quilts sold today netting $617! WOW! Wish we had that income every Tuesday.

AUGUST QUILT REPORT: 4 quilts were sold for an income of $305; 6 quilts were finished in August (includes the BIG wedding quilt); 6 quilts are in-progress (4 of which are sold); only 6 finished quilts are For Sale (3 breast cancer, 1 lap, the aqua polk-a-dot, bouquet). After all the 13 quilt orders are completed, priority will be on BABY QUILTS to have on-hand , finished, for immediate sale.

This THURSDAY, September 4th, 10:00 a.m. - extra quilting day and getting the black bear quilt in the frame. ALL are welcome to come, join us and stitch if you are AVAILABLE! Like the lyrics to the oldie but goodie... "If you have the money, honey... I have the time. If you run out of money, honey, I'll run out of time!" We'll substitute funny for money, for as we all know, we're all Son's Chapel Volunteers!

37th Annual Ozark Quilt Fair ~ Sat., Sept 13, 10:00 - 2:00 ~ Shiloh Museum. S has personally paid the entry fee and L will help . Come and visit, if you're able. It is a good public relations resource, with our brochures available and several of our quilts as "samples"; but sales require a permit.