Sept 16th Quilting

Post date: Sep 17, 2014 12:59:48 PM

Dear Quilters,

The "HAROLD TRUMPETS" resounded again today with a resplendent repeat of 26 quilters/stitchers. Morning quilting was followed by a scrumptious lunch for 34 (quilters, *spouses, T's guests, and M. M.)!

M brought a beautiful, vintage quilt to share. The Charlie Brown and pink "Ring of Animals" quilts which came out of the frames last week, were done in record time of just 3 weeks!!!! WOW! Thanks to your nimble and really quick fingers! These two quilts and a third quilt were SOLD today! YEA! And M beautifully quilted an ecru, "whole cloth" quilt with a bold rose print backing, now ready for a scalloped binding. Another baseball diamond quilt top was sewn this week, sandwiched, in the frame and started today.

Shiloh Quilt Fair: Thanks to S, N and L who volunteered to "man" the Son's Chapel space, sitting outside in the shade and cool, 50 degree morning. They displayed 5 of our Chapel's quilts. And thanks to all who visited and gave their support.

SO many will be traveling, enjoying Autumn, the fall foliage and cooler temperatures: DJ/S are off to Holiday Island for.... (" a romantic week!", he says... She says, "She'll be finishing knitting Christmas scarfs!") Then to Utah for the wedding of a granddaughter, and Jackson Hole, WY to see a son's new house. E/T will be in San Diego house/dog sitting. M/H left for Texas today (their trip last week was delayed). Then M will be doing genealogy research in Canada. N/T will be in Minneapolis and enjoying the scenic fall of Lake Superior. R will be in Ohio, for an annual trek to the Geneva Grape JAMBoree and seeing family/friends. Did you know that Ohio is the #3 grape growing state, with California #1, and New York #2? R says, "She'll be going to Bikes, Blues and Barbeque, riding down Dickson on her son's motorcycle!" YOU GO GIRL! So R is our own real, lively "biker babe"! S/B are traveling to Austin, Texas, than to Denver, CO. Safe traveling and an enjoyable vacation to all.

H~E~L~P ! ! ! Asking PLEASE those of you who are here to KEEP STITCHING!!! Our goal is to replenish the supply of finished baby quilts. NO playing that "When the cat's away.. the mice will play..." game! Please step up, fill in, help out and do extra duty... Be that little engine climbing the hill, huffing and puffing"YES, WE CAN!!!!" and/or "together we can!!!!"

Thus, no weekly recaps for the next two weeks... See you in October... Mark your calenders for a 10/28 Halloween lunch invitation.