October 7th Quitling

Post date: Oct 15, 2014 5:39:22 PM

Dear Quilters,

It was a beautiful, warm, sunny, fall day with a "full house" of 20 quilters/stitchers. It was good to see E, who stopped by early with her collection of vintage, embroidered scarfs and a "string quilt" made by her grandmother (now called a "Tootsie Roll" pattern). Those of you missing? surmising you were at the U of AR, President Clinton's political rally!? Right. wing? or is it Left wing?

Catching up on news from the 9/23 meeting (not time to report prior to my flight to Ohio): Lunch treats were brought by G - pumpkin bread and S - oatmeal/chocolate bars. YUM! YUM! Should heed the cliché, "don't believe everything you hear!"; for D says, "She is teaching pre-school, with Evan attending pre-school!" Show and Tell items - S brought a cute, pieced dolly quilt and a "week quilt"; she made, pieced and machine quilted in just a week's time! M made a FROG sleeping bag for her granddaughter, L, cleverly adopting her mother's sleeping bag pattern. And M, as usual, being "jaunty on the spot" has made "Sunflower" name tags for our four new volunteers. Newly embroidered centers/squares - baseball diamond by L; sea animals and cross stitch panel of hearts and flowers by M; and a pastel "ring of animals" by M E. Two quilts, black/white Scotty dog squares and the train engine, came out of the frame. Two quilts were sandwiched and put in the frame, butterflies/bugs and sleepy bear. M replaced the center square on a "contract," double wedding ring quilt; owner/M was very pleased with the repairs. And more embroidery centers finished this week - a primary colors "ring of animals" by L and playing children/tent by S.

SEPTEMBER QUILT REPORT: A record income for quilts this month of $917 (includes the wedding/signature quilt); 12 quilts were completed; 9 were sold/paid for; 5 quilts are in-progress (4 baby quilts and the black bear quilt), and 26 tops are ready for quilting. Discussed IF we should have a "raffle quilt" at the Chapel's May 2015 Open House? Suggested the "12 months" squares embroidered by M with navy/white gingham squares which is already sewn and ready to quilt.

Will continue to work on the 4 baby quilts in the frames. But, also need to get quilting on the big, black, bear quilt, promised as a Christmas present. Perhaps we can schedule extra quilting days before the busy holiday season begins. Reminder... 10/28 Halloween lunch invitation at noon, following morning quilting.