October 14th Quilting

Post date: Oct 15, 2014 5:43:06 PM

Dear Quilters,

Quilting day was a bright, sunny, fall day, and a welcome relief from the rain accumulation and flood warnings; luckily our area was spared any damage from the storms. The 17 busy bee quilters/stitchers were fabulous Lunch treats and sweets were donuts from P and a home-made, birthday cake baked by M. Regretfully, we celebrated C's birthday, "HAD HER CAKE AND ATE IT, TOO" without her! Today being the grandchild's due date, M thinks that C is "on baby watch." P took photos to share, we missed you C and wish you a Happy Birthday!

A brought in another of her grandmother's treasured quilts, a double wedding ring quilt which needs some TLC to replace several of the tattered pieces. Another "job" for M (in her spare time). Thanks to N and M who finished two quilts at home: N quilted the 3-dimensional boxes around the entire border of the Sesame Street quilt. And, M quilted a carrousel quilt (already ordered). Another quilt was sold today; as we say (in jest), "We are our own best customers!" Two more quilt tops were sewn this week: two "Ring of Animals" - one in bright, primary colors and the second in peachy/pink. J finished a set of embroidered, Sunbonnet Sue squares; and ironically M just had matching fabric, a "find" from their last week's Wichita trip for her son's wedding. Two Quilters have dibs on this quilt, both in hopeful anticipation of a granddaughter's birth.

SATURDAY, Oct. 18th, 9 a.m. - another, extra, quilting day! With the Razorbacks playing in Little Rock, hope you have some spare time to quilt! COME ONE... COME ALL! For we'll be * "SIT 'N STITCH 'N"... We're especially pushing to finish the Black Bear quilt, (a Christmas gift).

Tuesday's SOUP LUNCH, Oct. 21st - Those of you in Group 2, if you didn't sign up today, please contact L. We NEED everyone in the group to bring a covered dish for a complete/full menu to adequately serve ALL the quilters/spouses and guests. If it is your group, we're depending on YOU!

Tuesday, HALLOWEEM LUNCH, Oct. 28th, noon, (not at the chapel, see email for details)


* If you're inquisitive, wanting to know the origin and humor of "SIT 'N STITCH 'N", ask...