Oct 21st Quilting

Post date: Nov 1, 2014 12:48:56 PM

Dear Quilters,

My, what a really foggy start to our day; and so thankful that 24 quilter/stitchers arrived safely in all the fog. We had 34 for our monthly, delicious lunch, including the quilters, spouses, Evan, our electrician and guests. Hope you got some of those tasty, big, finger grapes! Thanks to the "nimble nine" who came on Sat., an extra quilting day. M reports with those extra stitches, the black, bear quilt is just a turn and a half away being finished! What excitement on Sat. with the bathroom, exhaust fan motor a'smoking, R coming to our rescue and discovering a critter (a well-petrified squirrel) in the ceiling. YIKES! Glad he responded to P's SOS call! P even has a photo to verify the story.

Embroiderers have been busy stitching: "Now I Lay Me..." center by B (her very first, successful, embroidery attempt); 4 sets of transportation cross-stitch squares, 2 by J, and 2 started by M and finished by M.E. and L; a bear/hearts "whole" panel by J; and a baseball diamond center by L. M quilted two quilts this week, with both already bound and sold today. And a Noah's Ark quilt top was sewn this week. P brought in her "celestial stars quilt," quilting frame, boards and all, asking for help to roll the quilt. Thanks to M, our quilt expert, for helping her! S brought two quilts for "show and tell"; one she'd made in just 3 days and a unique, pieced quilt sewn with her mother's premium, fabric scraps.

We had two guests visit from the Shiloh Quilt Fair; S.P. who purchased two quilts and even wrote us a thank you note! And R.S. came "bearing gifts" of fabric, just not visiting, but stepping right in to quilt and even joining us for lunch! Both S and R S. are invited to join Son's Chapel Quilters. A thank you note will be sent to R S for the fabric donation.

Quiling as usual Tuesday morning, October 28th - with a noon Halloween Lunch to follow at R's. Nooo tricks... just treats... and lots of scary sights. Bring NOTHING except your appetite for Halloween fun, a grand tour and decorations galore.