Nov 4th Quilting and Election Day

Post date: Nov 6, 2014 1:03:56 PM

Dear Quilters,

"Down came the rain and washed the spider out..", but NOT us, for in spite of the rain, 24 "hearty" quilters/embroiderers were present today. How appropriately dressed were J in her "rainy day" sweater and T in a fall foliage shirt/sweater! Estopped by to share her newly repaired "JELLY Roll" quilt, made by her grandmother, who called it a "string quilt." (Oooooops... had previously titled it a "Tootsie Roll" quilt.) J shared photos and a detailed itinerary of her latest trip. N donated 30 quilted, placemats (thanks to her great "find"). G is cleverly designing a reversible hearth runner, one side a fall scene and the other with quilted cookie cutter designs for Christmas.

Embroiderers have completed: 3 sets of "bugs in a bottle" squares by L and S; "children at play/tent" center by L; (designing, selecting material and sewing quilt tops will be my winter project during our Dec/Jan hiatus). Four quilts were completed last week, two came out of the frames (baseball diamond and carrousel with blue polka dots), and two were quilted by M (pink "ring of animals" and sea animals). They are already bound, and one is sold. M keeps promising that this is the "last roll" on the black bear quilt... Still hoping it will finally be finished...(not like the Broadway musical... "Tomorrow... tomorrow... I love you tomorrow... You're always a day away!"

Last week, October 28th, 24 were also present. Quilting was followed by B's Halloween of ultimate decorated sights, frights and luncheon delights.

OCTOBER QUILT REPORT: We've reached the $3,000 budgeted goal for 2014!!! YEA! Ten quilts were completed; 4 quilts were sold and "contract" quilt repairs by M, totaling $382; 12 quilts are finished (ready/available to sell); 5 quilts are in-progress/in frames; 3 new quilt tops were sewn and 22 quilt tops are ready for quilting (ALL "ready, willing and able! tee! hee!). S P wrote a nice thank you note, saying she's been proudly showing off the vibrant primary color "Ring of Animals" quilt she'd purchased (our Son's Chapel original design/signature quilt). We're most grateful for the publicity! DJ and I met with C S, the U of A Director of Trademark Licensing about making Razorback quilts. ONE Razorback quilt will be sewn as a SAMPLE ONLY (not for sale), to get feedback for potential sales next year, BEFORE applying for a "U of A Crafting License" by Son's Chapel. We now have 33 volunteer stitchers, [lose some (sadly)/but gain some (happily)]!

Shiloh Museum "Cabin Fever Reliever", Jan. 10, 2015, 10 am - 2 pm. S Y has invited us to share/display your array of "collectibles". Must register in December to participate in this event. More info will be forthcoming from T. Some saw the humor in a comment, "We can all go as antiques!" ha! ha!

Count down... the end of 2014 is near... and with just 4 (or maybe 5) more quilting Tuesdays...11/11, 11/18, 11/25, 12/2, (12/9) would like to complete: the BIG, "bad", black bear quilt; 4 baby quilts now in the frames; (with 2 to be finished next week), to be replaced with 2 more baby quilts; and start the 2nd Pansy quilt (planning to "stitch in the ditch" around the squares and quilt the border, with N's agreeing to a winter project of stitching around/outlining the pansies). That's an optimistic quilt goal of EIGHT!!!!!!!! That's the bait and our fate! Save the date! Don't be late! At this rate, We can't wait! EVERY mate, be at the gate, our final "state" (condition/situation/pomp/grandeur) for the year!