Nov 25th Quilting

Post date: Nov 26, 2014 1:18:13 PM

Dear Quilters,

Another cold, chilly day, with the 21 "hail and hearty" a "sit 'n stich 'n". Hope you 'all saw M's latest project and specially designed quilt she brought for "show and tell". G has quilted her reversible, hearth runner, got it trimmed and ready to bind for Thanksgiving.

Thanks to N who volunteered to quilt the "3 little pigs", a Christmas gift. And thanks to all who stayed after lunch; with those extra stitches, got two frames of quilts rolled. E, J and S have thoughtfully designed and printed text on our Son's Chapel note cards to be an enclosure with our quilts. What a great idea! Again, asking for and needing H~E~L~P, J needs a quilt ASAP, for the baby was "born yesterday"! Honestly, know the connotations of that cliché, but am just quoting her! IF anyone has the extra time, (in the comfort of your own home, leisurely, maybe sitting in front of a warm fire), please?

NEWS: Another AR RAZORBACK WIN and shut-out! AR 30/0 Ole Miss, a sixth win for the season and making AR "bowl-eligible". We surely weren't "crying in the rain" and we are NOW truly "Bie - lem - ers"!!!!!! Go... Pigs...Sooie... RAZORBACKS!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Wishing you an abundance of love, joy and happiness with family and friends as you share an enjoyable, delicious, traditional, turkey dinner and a fruitful cornucopia overflowing with Thanksgiving blessings!

December 2nd and 9th are the final two quilting days for the year! Have lots of quilts to do... Due? Don't stew... be blue...or miss the hue... Take the clue... South two already flew... See the view... In lieu of... Too few... Boo! Hoo! WHEW... we really do need YOU!