Nov 18th Quilting and Lunch

Post date: Nov 19, 2014 2:36:23 PM

Dear Quilters,

"Baby it's old outside..." with the Arctic, wintery blast that is covering most all of the U.S. but luckily without the snow here! We had 23 quilters/stitchers withering the cold. And we had 31 for another delicious lunch, with spouses, our electrician and guests. It was good to have J/D and M join us today. MY, the beautiful acappella and harmonious voices of D and G, sounding like angelic music as we quilted!

Thanks to M, N and N for their "quality control" stitching to finish up the BLACK BEAR and baseball quilts. M also quilted a horse quilt, already ordered/sold. Four quilts were sold today; and J says #49 quilts have been quilted (and/or are in-progress) for the year! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU, one and all for all the stitching!!!!!

NEWS: AR RAZORBACKS WON, AR 17/0 LSU and the rivalries' "GOLDEN BOOT"!!! It was their 17th SEC Conference game (having lost the previous, 16 consecutive games since 2012). And their first shut-out since 2002! Also, LSU was ranked 17th! Is this the lucky 7 ("7 come 'a 11..."), a true anomaly, or just a coincidence? WHATEVER! The fans were elated, storming the field and tearing down the goal posts. Go...Pigs...Sooie... RAZORBACKS!

Quilting as usual next Tuesday, the 25th... "BEE THERE OR BEE SQUARE", p~l~e~a~s~e, all you quilting bees! tee! hee!