Nov 11th Quilting and Veteran's Day

Post date: Nov 13, 2014 6:41:58 PM

Dear Quilters,

NO! I haven't forgotten about sending the weekly, Quilting Recap!!! Don't shoot the messenger... blame the @#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$ modern technology of the computer, making ME "a day late and a dollar short" really!

The brisk and windy morning didn't stop 21 "tried and true" quilters/stitchers! Is this the early start of winter, with a wintery mix of freezing rain and snow for Saturday's AR/LSU game, and continuing on thru the month? AND, its not even officially winter yet! OH! NOT... "Let is snow... Let it snow.. Let it snow!" NO! NO! NO!

WHAT A VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY, for the year-end "count-down" and completing NINE quilts (like the cliché, "a stitch in time saves nine"): 3 quilts were finished/out of the frames, (sleepy bear in yellow/aqua, butterfly/bug squares, AND the BIG, "BAD", BLACK BEARS, S's Christmas gift for her granddaughter!!!!!!!!!!! YEA! F~I~N~A~L~L~Y, NO more signing... "Tomorrow..." Maybe you even heard (far and wide?) the quilters' shouts of joy with their last stitches?!?!?!?!?!?!? Two more baby quilts and the 2nd PANSY quilt were put in frames with M's help; B finished embroidering a cute set of dog squares; and one quilt was sold today. N brought in an appliqued, BIG quilt top and S helped getting it sandwiched and ready to quilt.

Thanks to P for her delicious, home-made cinnamon rolls we enjoyed at lunch. And thanks to those who remained after lunch for the needed, extra quilting time and LOTS of extra stitches! Grateful appreciation and thanks for helping take down the quilts/quilt frames last week (setting up for meeting space on Thursday), and then putting everything back in place this week! And L did a great job tidying up and putting all the donated paper products away. Son's Chapel Quilters are truly a caring group, willingly sharing talents, and always helpful and supportive!

PLANNING AHEAD FOR 2015... your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for baby quilts...for the Chapel's anniversary celebration: Our current, popular designs: Baseball, Bugs in a Jar, Carrousel, Noah's Ark, Sleepy Bear, Sun Bonnet Sue (and to be "politically correct") - Dapper Dan, Transportation, the Chapel's Ring of Animals - "SIGNATURE QUILT", and ?????????? J suggested that the center panels be cut larger to increase the total quilt size. J will be tracing centers/squares to be embroidered, if you will please volunteer, (to keep you fingers "nimble and quick" during our winter hiatus).