May 27th Quilting

Post date: May 28, 2014 12:18:33 PM

Dear Quilters,

WHEW! The BIG, wedding/signature quilt is all marked; and with MANY helpful hands got it in the frame, in front of the fireplace. And the quilting has begun!!!!! Had a rough start though, finding that the backing material was 9" short; but S. and M. solved the problem successfully (cutting from the width and adding to the length)! Like the cliché, "A stitch in time, saves nine!" AMEN! Then we played "musical quilt frames", moving the PANSY quilt to the side; it is now over half quilted! YEA! We were 19 "Quilters' Strong" today.

P. really DID "show and tell" today, bringing in some 30+ hand-sewn, full-size quilts she got at a thrift store, and offering them to the quilters for a donation to Son's Chapel! If you missed out, she'll be bringing them back again. M.E. finished a set of woodland animal squares; and have M's animal fabric, ready to sew... Did you see D.J.'s handi-work, the two intricately stitched of scarfs, gifts for her daughters/daughter-in-laws? D. is working on Chapel's computer site, trying to incorporate luring curiosity and market for our quilts. Any suggestions, let her know... T, as she was leaving today, and being her usual, friendly, cordial, helpful self, greeted a 98 old widow who came to visit her husband's grave and inquire about the Son's Cemetery Meeting. We had a visitor today, C, referred by our Mahjong playing quilters. We'll be finishing her hand-sewn, baby quilt; another quilt added to our "to do list."

Will be short-handed in June with those vacationing, so hope the rest will show up with your nimble fingers ready for stitch 'n! WE NEED YOU! (Like that old, wartime ad, with Uncle Sam pointing his finger! OK! Even IF you don't want to admit it... know most of you are old enough... just jog your memory a bit...)