June 3rd Quilting

Post date: Jun 5, 2014 7:39:53 PM

Dear Quilters,

To quote D.J., and referring to that old song... "June is busting out all over!", especially today, at Son's Chapel with 18 (changing the busting to...) bustling quilters! SO pleased that the two, pastel blue, "bear on the block" quilts were completed in a month, another record time! Great job! And thanks to M. for her extra work in making labels to match the striped backing! Our Singer sewing machine is again "singing away", thanks to R's repairs; but missing a presser foot to walk the fabric! boo! hoo! Will have to be shopping for a replacement foot. Thanks to L. for donating 5 pkg. of black, embroidery floss/ thread. And, thanks to our newest "elected" member, B's gift of fragrant, lavender sachet. She certainly is "crafty" (but in a good way! ha! ha!), for she personally hand-picked and dried the flowers. D. J. praised D's work on the Chapel Web page; if you have suggestions/ideas, contact them. With our volunteer numbers growing, thus the need more comfortable chairs (as I refer to them as ROLLY chairs, ha! ha!);A, B, C, S M. and R have offered to purchase chairs, some will have memorial plaques.

June Quilt Report: 12 quilts are finished and for sale, with one reserved. Currently, 5 quilts are in-progress: (1) Sunbonnet Sue, E. is doing; (2) breast cancer; (3) pink-pieced (J's pattern); (4) 1 (of 2) PANSY; and (5) BIG, wedding/signature. Two more quilts were sewn this week, embroidered by M. E., a pastel Ring of Animals and woodland creatures, with M's matching, green print; now totaling 34 quilt tops available and ready for quilting! SO we have LOTS of SUPPLY... just waiting for a DEMAND! 5 quilts were sold in May. Quilt income for May - $359. and year-to-date $1,171.50; plus $75 in donations from P's "find", the big, hand-pieced tops.

With LOTS TO DO... and our NUMBER FEW... We need YOU!!! Will be ready and waiting, hoping to see you on Tuesday!