June 24th Quilting

Post date: Jun 25, 2014 11:01:28 PM

Dear Quilters,

The 4th Tuesday, sunny, warm and bustling, with 21 sewing bees stitching the day away, while some came/left for other commitments. P came/picked up J for a lunch date! How romantic is that, after so many years of marriage? P brought home-made Rotel dip/chips and Danish pastries to share for lunch. Thanks P!

"Did You Hear ME Roar?" in joy, for the first PANSY quilt came out of the frame today! YEA! And put two baby quilts, baseball diamond and carrousel, in the frame. D. J.'s contact information for quilt appraisal, per our discussion today: She is certified and very good. Periodically she will do a day at one of the quilt shops and you can get a time set with her.

E brought her sister, E. A., and another of their grandmother's postage-stamp quilts, which they laid out, marked for quilting and sandwiched. L, M. E.'s daughter brought her today. M. E. has finished two sets of cross-stitched flowers/butterflies/bug, ready for quilt tops. L. has retired as a Springdale art teacher and HOPEFULLY will be joining us. She is the one who drew the duck's foot, fixing the Ring of Animals pattern. M. made a Disney quilt for E's 3rd birthday (he is D's son), with embroidered M - I - C - K - E - Y ... M - O - U - S - E ... squares and matching fabric. If you didn't see it, we'll have pictures.