July 8th Quilting

Post date: Jul 12, 2014 1:01:30 PM

Dear Quilters,

What a fantastic Fourth of July weekend with: Fun, Food, Family, Friends, Fireworks, Faith and Freedom! As well as the the favor of D's fingering, featured harp recital for our July picnic festivity!

Thanks to those who came on Monday to put things back in order (after the picnic) , and get the frames and quilts up, ready for Tuesday quilting. Sure appreciate your extra volunteer day and all your work, like the cliche', "many hands make the burden light!" Thanks to J/P who brought bags and bags of fabric donated by B. J., their friend who has moved to Culpepper Place; a thank you has been sent to her.

Tuesday had a slight group of 14 (too much celebrating?). D J brought another lovely, hand-made scarf for show and tell. We all worked to pull/stretch/straighten the backing of the BIG, wedding quilt; for S felt ripples underneath. The quilt is turned again and now HALF-done! YEA! Bless N, for she has taken the contract, baby quilt home to finish! P has located and volunteered to shop for baseball fabric (with the new, baseball diamond pattern being so popular).

Trivia answers: (1) JOHN ADAMS and THOMAS JEFFERSON signed the Declaration of Independence as senators and became presidents. (2) ADAMS, JEFFERSON and JAMES MONROE were the presidents who died on July 4th. (3) CALVIN COOLIDGE, our 30th President, was born on July 4th.

"COME ON DOWN!" to quilting!!! Can you name that TV game show and host?