July 29th Quilting

Post date: Aug 4, 2014 12:53:32 PM

Dear Quilters,

July 2014 has been a C~O~O~L month, (per the weathermen saying perhaps even record setting)! But despite the weather, we're RED HOT with lots of activity and especially this being a 5th Tuesday with 19 quilters/stitchers. What a lunch discussion, with J first telling us about their TV not working, then Cox finding the attic cable was chewed by a racoon("not a pet, nor very tidy" and leaving quite a mess). This led to additional critter stories. Thanks to M for sharing freshly picked Italian parsley.

Welcome to *L F, M E's daughter, who joined us today (after her June retirement from teaching). With her artistic talents, she got right to work re-drawing a quilt pattern and started embroidering transportation squares. B did double duty today, watering outside as well as quilting. C F came to pick up her hand-pieced quilt, we'd contracted to finish. She was really pleased with the finished quilt! And D C brought in printed Charlie Brown fabric, for another "contract quilt". Many of you recognized C and D as friends from Mahjong or New Comers. Two more quilts were sold today, and another quilt ordered.

REMINDER: N asks that you bring your treasured "COLLECTIBLES", antiques (like some of US! ha! ha!) and/or "show and tell" items to share as the August 5th program. S already has called first dibs on "dust bunnies."

Being a very proud grandmother, I'll be in Little Rock next week for J's UAMS "White Coat" medical school ceremony! Please keep on stitching... (don't even try... to play the game, "When the cat's away... the mice will play...")