July 22nd Quilting

Post date: Jul 24, 2014 11:37:23 AM

Dear Quilters,

"SUMMERTIME and the livin' is easy! Quilts are selling... And today's 15 quilters are fine". A brought her "Bordered Diamond" design quilt, a product of her latest quilt class; HOW BEAUTIFUL with a different floral design centered in each diamond! B baked banana bread to share, but didn't elicit any comments! For show & tell, B brought a soft, furry pin cushion from Alaska. S just wouldn't concede and said that the baseball quilt was not for HER grandchild! E is so proud, she's mastered making a "square corner!" J is "IN THE MOOD" to sew (that is), taking fabric for a calico cat/gingham dog quilt. S/S have finished a brightly colored "bugs in a bottle" quilt top. So pleased that the BIG, wedding quilt was rolled once today, and ready for another turn next week... "baby steps... but making steady progress... with the end in sight...!"

We had two visitors today: C P, a quilter, who plans to join us. And A M Z, who lives across the street from the Chapel, and wants a CA King sized quilt made from her daughter's "wedding/signature squares"! OH! OH! Another BIG quilt in the works!

"Hi! Ho! Hi! Ho!" a quilting we must go... for the 5th Tuesday in July!