July 1st Quilting and Picnic

Post date: Jul 3, 2014 4:30:43 PM

Dear Quilters,

Hard to believe that 2014 is half-over, with this being July 1st, also our July picnic! July 4th marks the adoption of our Declaration of Independence and independence from Britain in 1776. The 16 stitching this morning were... Then after lunch, began the decorating, turning the Chapel into an array of red/white/blue! Tonight, had a total of 51 (if my count is accurate), 21 quilters, 13 spouses, and 16 family/guests for a delicious assortment of foods! But first we attended the Harp Recital by D! What an enjoyable concert by our own quilter who also is a very talented musician! Thank you D for our "Chapel Pops Fireworks Spectacular" (but with FOOD instead of fireworks)!

The memorial plaques for C's mother, M's aunt/name-sake, and the mother and grandmother of S. M. have been affixed to the new chairs. And the first of the 2 PANSY quilts is quilted and bound. Thanks to all your stitching, from M.E. who stitched the 13 stamen centers on each pansy (for a total of 624 stamens!) to the last two quilters who finished the quilt and even removed it from the frame, and N who completed the missed stitches after the "quality control check"! Thanks to ALL for your laborious quilting! YEA! One done... and one to go!!

MONDAY 9 a.m., July 7th, are you available to get quilts moved back in place, ready for Tuesday? Also, S is inviting quilters to work on the BIG, wedding signature quilt. Please, if you can, come and H~E~L~P on Monday!

The 37th Annual Ozark Quilt Fair at the Shiloh Museum will be Saturday, September 13. Entry fee is $10 per exhibitor; entry deadline is Sept. 10 and forms are available on line or by calling 750-8165.

Trivia: Can you name the two senators who signed the Declaration of Independence and became presidents?

These two presidents also died on July 4th, as did a third president. Can you identify them? And can you name our 30th President, the only president born on July 4th?