July 15th Quilting and Lunch

Post date: Jul 17, 2014 3:33:24 PM

Dear Quilters,

A cool day (60s-70s) for mid July, but a BIG group of 20 quilters. What a surprise to see J/ D arrive for lunch, and welcoming her back after surgery with a round of applause! B/J worked on the landscape and shrubs! Thanks to their hard labors really ameliorate the Chapel's "curb appeal"! C was so kind to share fresh produce from her garden with us, home-grown cucumbers. D. J. has trained S well; we sure appreciate his sweeping and cleaning up. Good job, S, you're hired!

An apology for my being out of sync, and not having the quilts in the frame, ready at the start of the day; my excuse, not having wheels, with my OLD car broken again. Thanks for D J's help getting the kitty cats with scallops and train engine quilts sandwiched and in the frames. Three of these baby quilts are sold and a fourth awaiting specific, order details. Also, two quilts were sold/bought! S shared a very unique quilt photo from her phone. The quilt has a variety of different/ diverse embroidered pieces/designs! Yet put together is quite striking! Ask S if you didn't see it...

LUNCH: A total of 30 were present for lunch (20 quilters, 6 spouses, D's 3 children and a guest). Thanks to P for doing double duty, covering for L. Please give them feedback about the new plan of "TWO'S" - soups, sandwiches, salads/veggies, desserts. There certainly was more than an adequate abundance of food! T's "Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert" was a hit! YUM! YUM! See recipe at the end...

Trivia: "COME ON DOWN" is from the Price Is Right, game show. D correctly named the show. The program premiered 9/4/1972 with bob Barker as host until his retirement in June, 2007. The 9/4/2012 40th Anniversary show was lauded as the longest U.S. network TV series. Drew Carey replaced Barker in 2007 and continues as host.

YEA for our being able to just a "sit 'n stitch 'n", with 5 Tuesday's in July; we'll have two more "uninterrupted" quilting days for stitching... this month! (Sure makes me happy :>) !