Aug 26th Quilting

Post date: Sep 12, 2014 1:03:20 PM

Dear Quilters,

What a "Day of Revelations" ~ Reassurance, Renewal, Revitalization and Relief with your Robust Response! Just wait til you read the day's accomplishments of 22 quilters/stitchers:

YES! YES! You read correctly, M is back! Like the sitcom, "Welcome back M (M, not Cotter)"! How special that her husband picked her up for lunch! Thinking he must have already missed her this morning! Sure glad to have her back, but heard that he also had personal interest in getting back for a weekend, Horseshoe Tournament?!?! J brought two really colorful quilts sewn by daughter, Jamie, a pin wheel and fan patterns. And she had pictures of granddaughter, O., in her "peep-toe-shoes." N bought a new, packaged, purple, 4 pc, twin-sized, sheet set, if you can use it, for a donation to the Chapel, please.

D J, our fearless leader, had an open discussion today at lunch: (1) Emphasizing our mission of making BABY QUILTS. Only the current special order quilts will be completed, but not accepting new orders. (2) "We have been missing some much needed quilting time. On Meeting and Soup Lunch Days, for those that want to, we will continue quilting in the afternoon." (3) Quilt price, quality and cost of fabric and material (batting, backing and thread) were discussed. (4) Quilting reference books donated will be kept at the Chapel for ideas, identification and reference; you may borrow, but please sign items out and return them to the Chapel. S's concern was with loose quilting threads that were found on the big, wedding quilt which were NOT tied-off at both the start and end of the tread. PLEASE! PLEASE! Hopefully, no one should feel targeted during this discussion. The intentions were NOT intimidation or reprimand, but an attention alert, and instruction to correct and improve QUALITY of our quilts and our work! If you see something... speak up...say something... for IF we don't know about a concern/problem, it won't be changed. We are a GROUP, with everyone an equal, vital and essential part of Son's Chapel Quilters! YOU ARE Son's Chapel Quilters!

Quilts: Thanks to A for making a special label and M. E. for embroidering a Noah's Ark center. Four quilts were finished: baseball diamond, carrousel, cats/scallops, and bugs in a jar; now ready for binding. Thanks to N for quilting the cats/scallops and S for quilting the bugs in a jar. Two quilts, the pink "animal ring" and Charlie Brown, were begun. Two quilts will be sandwiched for next week. Three quilts were taken home to be quilted by M, S. and S. The black bear quilt is sewn; to be marked an put in the frame. WOW! What progress was made on the quits by you 'all !

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend!


REMINDER: 37th Annual Ozark Quilt Fair ~ Saturday, September 13, 2014 10am - 2 pm ~ Shiloh Museum

Stroll among new and antique quilts for show and sale on our Museum grounds as you enjoy the lively music of Working Class Grass. Vote for your favorite quilts—Viewer's Choice Awards will be announced at 2 pm.

Inside the Museum you'll find a special exhibit of some 50 small quilts (80" perimeter or less) made by a group of local stitchers known as the "Itty Bitty Quilt Committee."