Aug 19th Quilting and Lunch

Post date: Aug 20, 2014 8:35:31 PM

Dear Quilters,

MY! What a very productive day, with our ALL our accomplishments, 33 for lunch, and a good turn-out of 22 quilters/ stitchers. Again thanks to P for doing double duty, chairing the lunch.

Thanks to N. who quilted the special order "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" quilt and P. for the labels. It is finished and picked up. Now, N. has volunteered to take the Calico Cat quilt to finish, also. N. was put to work sorting and organizing the embroider floss/thread, by color/hues; should make it easier for the embroiderers to find just the right shade/ color! L has embroidered a set of transportation squares. And M.E. has finished embroidering a baseball diamond center. N. brought in a very striking red/white/blue Patriotic Star Quilt which she quilted for her grandson! What great red and blue star fabric she matched for the border! Thanks to S. for taking time (before her trip to see her mother) and marking the Charlie Brown quilt, which is one of the two quilts sandwiched and ready to begin anew next week. Also, another quilt was sold as we were leaving; M's Quilt sign attracted another a buyer!!! SEE, (like the advertisement) "IF you build it... they will come!" But, our supply of finished/available quilts has dwindled with the recent sales/demands!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who stayed, cleaned up, and especially the quilters who quilted all morning (morning -1st shift) and again in the afternoon (afternoon - 2nd shift) on the wedding quilt! Tried to convince S. in the morning... the END WAS NEAR!!!!! with encouragement and threat of cracking the whip (ha! ha!)! The BIG, Signature/Wedding quilt is quilted, after 3 months and 135 QUILTING hours! Surely you could "HEAR ME NOW", loud and clear, with my shrieks and shouts of joy, hollering Alleluia! Amen! YEA! Whoop-tee-do!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now let the quilt binding begin...

Received some comments about my somber mood, just juggling LOTS of quilt orders, actually 13 quilts, we have so much to do... and so little time...with so many orders! ONE done... ONE for binding...SIX being quilted/in frames... THREE tops sewn, ready to be sandwiched and quilted...and TWO quilt tops yet to be sewn!!!!! QUILTERS, see my concern? Don't like being behind and playing catch up!!!! Instead prefer to be at least one-step, AHEAD of the game! Thanks to B, S, P and S for your help and encouragement. Thus my plea... P~L~E~A~S~E TRY to make Tuesday Quilting a priority, too! Can't do it alone WITHOUT ALL OF YOU ~ ~ ~ ~ working together as Son's Chapel Quilters!