Aug 12th Quilting

Post date: Aug 13, 2014 12:17:16 PM

Dear Quilters,

Thanks to you 'all for continuing on last week in my absence and KEPT STITCHING.

It was surprisingly another rather cool morning, with just 14 quilters/stitchers. D J brought 2 more lovely, hand-made scarfs, for family gifts. P brought sunflowers, a big, soft, fleece blanket in blue/purple shades and a printed package of 12 nursery rhyme squares. What a challenge to identify the nursery rhymes. We were all stumped by the pig in the barber chair? NOT: "To market, to market to buy a fat pig; nor, Three Little Pigs; nor, This Little Piggie...? MY! MY! What can it be? Finally, J and P did a web search to find the not so familiar rhyme: "Barber, Barber Shave a Pig."

Welcome to N L who joined us last week and was put to work today tracing the baseball center panel. She is from Newcomers and a friend of E. And P J, also from Newcomers and E's friend, donated Quilt Books and fabric, (with a promise of more to come). Thanks to N who is quilting a special order, with the buyer from Eureka Springs stopping in to check on the quilt. M's eye-catching QUILTS FOR SALE sign attracted two more buyers today! One quilt was sold today, and another quilt ordered. A bought and donated great baseball print fabric. Thanks A! The fabric matches the baseball diamond, one of our new and quite popular designs.

August Quilt Report: 4 quilts were sold, plus the "contract" baby quilt we finished. 7 quilts are in-progress, with 5 already sold. 36 quilt tops are sewn and available, 2 are ordered. We now have 32 volunteer quilters and embroiderers.

TRIVIA: Recognize this rhyme? Barber, barber shave a pig. How many hairs will make a wig?

Four and twenty that's enough, Then pat the pig with a powder puff.