April 22nd Quilting

Post date: May 27, 2014 12:12:06 AM

Dear Quilters,

Neglected to acknowledge it being EARTH DAY! But we ARE helping in a small way, per the cliché, "When life deals you scraps, make a quilt!" ha! ha! Thanks to all who helped with the Wedding Signature Quilt, laying it out, selecting material for the borders, etc. SO HAPPY to say, "The quilt top is all sewn!" Now comes the questions of HOW TO QUILT it? Actually an oversized King @ 96" X 111", do we even have a large enough quilting frame? Ideas for quilting pattern? If you have suggestions, please let S. know...

What a great, bright, warm, Spring, sunny day (after the heavy early morning fog), with 21 Son's Chapel quilters strong. (*Son's Chapel quilters strong - adapted from the Boston Marathon logo)

The last two quilts, the "bugs in a jar" and the sea animals, were quilted in NEW, record breaking time, just a MONTH from start to finish! WOW! Thank you for your quick stitching and nibble fingers! We're like the nursery rhyme, "__ be nimble, __ be quick", (even if we're sure NOT Jack)! Have two more quilts in frames, a breast cancer quilt and another pink, "Jane's quilt pattern", which S. pieced. As of right now, the only one quilt order, the carrousel, is currently being quilted. S's granddaughter wants a BLACK BEAR QUILT; Pat traced the bears, for S. to embroider. Searched for BEAR fabric, but found none in our material bins today (came up "bare")! NEED YOUR HELP, looking for black BEAR print fabric? Seen any bears here? ha! ha!

YEA! The month of April gives us five (5) Tuesdays!!!!! So, we have another Tuesday with quilting ONLY!