April 15th Quilting and Lunch

Post date: May 27, 2014 12:09:49 AM

Dear Quilters,

NOT only was it Tuesday, Quilting day and Soup Luncheon, but also TAX DAY! Everyone of us must be "fearful, law-abiding citizens", for didn't hear anyone talking about the IRS or leaving early to prepare/mail taxes today! OR, at our age, are we just all well-conditioned, obedient and compliant? NO procrastinators amongst us?

We had a busy, productive day... with 22 quilters. Great to have both B. and B. return today.

Two more baby quilts were finished and out of the frame today, both are sold. Will be binding them this week. With M's help we've added another frame, and am happy to say one "contract" pansy is being quilted! YEA! Let me explain (for those of you who may not know the history). Juanita Pace, a former quilter, now deceased had appliqu├ęd the pansy squares. Because of the SIZE, I opted to sew TWO, identical quilts of 24 - 12" squares each, 64" X 92". We have also already finished a third contract, "tulip," pink/yellow/green quilt. J. brought two sets of completed, cross-stitched duck squares with matching duck fabric. And, S. M. finished an embroidered, baseball center panel.

The pansy quilt was my "pun" about seeing PANSIES and thinking Spring. Well I held up my end... ha! ha! But, NOT so with Mother Nature and the freezing temperatures. We also celebrated S. 70th birthday today; don't think she's vain, with her wearing that comical, birthday hat! And what a smorgasbord ya 'all cooked up for lunch today! We all had our fill with an abundance left over!

Wishing you a Blessed Easter, filled with with lots of sunshine, love, happiness, and all your favorite, sweet, Easter candy (chocolate rabbits and eggs, jelly beans and marshmallow peeps) treats, and a garden of beautiful, fragrant flowers that bloom all year long, as do your sewing skills and friendship!

Happy Easter! Alleluia!