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Christmas Sing Along Invitation!

posted Nov 30, 2016, 11:19 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

Son's Chapel CHRISTMAS SING-A-LONGSunday, December 42:00-4:00
NEEDED for decorations -  CHRISTMAS POINSETTIAS (to use/borrow)
                refreshments -   COOKIES

Come, invite family, neighbors and friends! Enjoy being together and singing Christmas CAROLS to put us in the festive Christmas spirit!

Better enjoy today, for the NW winds doth blow bringing chilly temperatures. The TV weatherman recommends getting out the UGLY "Christmas sweaters" for a cold blast is forthcoming! So looks like the comfortable/mild 62 degrees end, as does November. For this, my favorite 5th Tues. were 20 active quilters/stitchers. Our early lunch conversation was about "accents" (a form of language/vernacular that is peculiar to a specific region or social/cultural group): Southern drawl, Northern dialect, Bostonian R'S, PA Dutch/German, British English, slang, etc., with B saying, "the Tennessee twang closely mirrors true Edwardian/ Victorian English!" 

We had 5 visitors today!

QUILTING NEWS: Still quilting away to get the last six quilts finished. M quilted a printed animal panel, now ready to bind. She also shared her latest Christmas gifts: A "Christmas Present" quilt (uniquely designed wrapped packages with 2-dimensional ribbons) for daughter-in-law, and Curious George plush toy and "drag quilt" for two, young, grandsons. N has finished quilting the BIG, x-stitched animal panel quilt (emb. by J). Her many stitches really show up on the red/ burgundy backing. S is quilting the last border of the pieced animal quilt. L has finished the 2nd set of pieced animal squares, already ordered; and has an order for another set! B emb. a "lemonade stand" center, a new pattern. J has begun another BIG, crib-sized panel, a x-stitch "hobby horse."


Two tidbits:

CHRISTMAS SWEATERS are NOT UGLY to me! Don't know how/where/why/when/who came up with such (a nomenclature)?!?!!? I LOVE and ENJOY Christmas sweaters, and invite you to wear your favorite, FESTIVE, colorful, seasonal Christmas sweater for our Sunday, Christmas sing-a-long. I'll wear mine, IF you'll wear yours?!?!?!?!?

Then thinking of Christmas sing-a-long... We can name and probably know several verses of most all of the traditional CHRISTMAS CAROLS! 
But do you know there are 20 songs with DECEMBER in their titles? 

 1. ALONE IN DECEMBER by Underoath
 2. BACK TO DECEMBER by Taylor Swift
 3. COLD DECEMBER by Michael Buble'
 4. DECEMBER by Basia Bulat (a Canadian folk song)
 5. DECEMBER by Norah Jones
 6. DECEMBER a collection Soul collaborated with the Atlanta Symphony 
         Youth Orchestra 
 7. DECEMBER by Weeser
 8. DECEMBER 1963 (Oh, What a Night) by The 4-Seasls
 9. DECEMBER SONG by Michael Buble'
10. DECEMBER SONG by George Michael
11. DECEMBER TRADITIONS by Frightened Rabbit
12. DECEMBER "THE SEASONS" by Tchaikovsky, 12 short piano pieces/each month  
13. FROM DECEMBER by Project 86
15. MY DECEMBER by Linkin Park
16. ONCE UPON A DECEMBER from the film Anastasia
18. REMEMBER DECEMBER by Demi Lovato
19. ROSE IN DECEMBER by Halestrom

Nov 22nd

posted Nov 23, 2016, 6:55 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

Really feels like fall and yes, had frost on the pumpkin. Know many of you are away for Thanksgiving, but 16 were here a "sit 'n stitch 'n". Did a survey of our turkey feast: 7 will be hosting 48 guests with a home-cooked meal, and validating the lyrics "Over the river and through the woods, To Grandmother's house we go..."; 4 will be going to relatives' homes; 4 will be going to friends' homes; and 1 will be eating OUT! S will prepare a vegan, tofu loaf.  T is "coined" as the "Honey-Baked" hostess. And J (17) and N (12) have earned the title, "the hostess with the mostest"! As J said, "We have so much to prepare and cook, but there's nothing we can do today!" P visited, donated a new light-weight, light box, stayed to quilt, and even made cranberry/orange/walnut bar cookies for our lunch treat.

returned from her Kansas trip with LOTS of goodies for the Chapel: fabric, printed embroidery pkg., 5 quilting templates, and 2 cute "cheater" printed quilts! Thanks M! Embroidered squares were done by D - (special order, X-stitched) "Sunbonnet babies" and M E - ABC's, bears and transportation! What fine embroidery work on the calico cat and elephant fringe! 

... May bountiful blessings overflow, filling our cornucopia with fruits of the fall harvest, bestowing health and happiness to family/friends and peace and thanks-giving to all! 


Ending with a "light-hearted" paradoxical poem... of humor to brighten spirits and "labor of love" preparing the turkey dinner... ,

     May your stuffing be tasty,
       May your turkey be plump,
         May your potatoes and gravy have nary a lump
           May your yams be delicious,
             May your pies take the prize,
               May your Thanksgiving dinner... stay off of your thighs! 

Nov 1st

posted Nov 2, 2016, 6:18 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

An unbelievable record temperature of 81 degrees for November 1st, with 24 quilters/ stitchers.

P/R visited to share her latest thrift store shopping "find", a quantity of pre-printed embroidery patterns! A brought in a patch-work, double-knit quilt in need of TLC; M will replace the tattered squares and binding.

QUILTING NEWS: Five quilts were bound this week: pin-wheel polkadots, pink "Tree of Life", sea animals, "Winnie..." by M, and the "Ring..."  was sold today. Two quilts were done and taken out of the frame.
"Winnie's" red fabric "ran/bleed" when washed. Suggestions, please, to M for this color bleeding! (Winnie didn't run away... he ran all over the quilt!)

OCTOBER QUILT REPORT: Quilt inventory - 26 quilts are completed; 6 quilts in progress; 24 quilts sewn/available; and 4 quilts were sold for $321.31.

Year-to-date: 51 quilts sold, $1,100 quilt donations, total quilt income $5,203.08.


P.S. If you're still up at 11:26...did you feel (shake...ratttle and roll) the 4.5 magnitude earthquake at Pawnee, OK?


"FALL BACKSunday, November 6, 2 a.m. (and enjoy an extra hour of sleep).

*V*O*T*E* Tuesday, November 8 is our U.S. 2016 Presidential Election

Oct 25th

posted Oct 27, 2016, 8:19 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

Ditto on another very beautiful, 76 degrees, sunny, fall day for 18 quilters/stitchers. R hosted Halloween Lunch. The forecast is for continuing warm temperatures through Halloween, a nice treat from Mother Nature; and still NO frost on the pumpkin!  

 Three quilts were finished today, 2 out of the frames and 2 replace-ment quilts in; and N quilted a "Ring..." at home. has sewn the last of the 2016 quilt labels; giving us 'all momentum and encouragement to get these last 11 quilts finished by year-end... Missed noting L's embroidered set of cute, puppy squares, another new pattern.

NO "trix", just "be-witching", "howling" happiness and "purr-fect" health for "y-o-ou", as my "fab-BOO-lous" and "fang-tastic" "Howl-OH!-ween" treat!


BOO... Hoo... on the Razorbacks' loss to AL!

Sept 13th

posted Sep 13, 2016, 7:13 PM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

Really did feel like... "the day after..."  a G~R~E~A~T (paralleling the roar of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes "Tony the Tiger" cartoon character), 9/10, Open House, and perfect weather, with  21 loyal quilters/stitchers surviving to resume Tuesday Quilting. B's personal thank you/treat/reward was Rick'
s cupcakes. 

QUILTING NEWS: Quilting at home this week, M - the contract, lavender/ "Sunbonnet"  and N - transportation quilts. Five quilts were bound, the 4 out of the frames last week (dog, "Dapper Dan", "Noah's Ark", "Sunbonnet babies") and transportation quilts. Four quilts are sandwiched and in the frames. Five quilts were sold, (Owls, Pinwheel, "3 Little Pigs", whole cloth - sold at Open House) and "Sunbonnet babies". S has donated her purple pieced quilt to the Chapel.

CHAPEL RAFFLE QUILT: The navy/white gingham "Calendar Quilt" was won by Carolyn Anderson. As of today, ticket sales $1,200 (per J).

NEWS: Congratulations to C who won the TOPS'  floral ,appliquéd quilt, we'd viewed earlier.

OZARK QUILT FAIR: The 9/10 Fair at Shiloh was not well-attended, possibly due to the rainy weather. But B, her sister - S, and R did display Chapel quilts and sell raffle tickets.


Woo... Pig... Sooie... Razorbacks! Another WIN with a "trick play"  in double-overtime! AR 41/38 TCU.

Sept 6

posted Sep 7, 2016, 6:36 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

"September days are here... with summer's best of weather and Autumn's best of cheer!" (Helen Hunt Jackson's quote)This was a bustling, busy, very productive and fruitful day, preparing for out 9/10 Open House, with 25 quilters/stitchers. Sweet, fresh, home-grown figs were our lunch treat from S!

QUILTING NEWS: You 'all were optimists, responding to the challenge with real dedication... perseverance... and your "nimble fingers" invigorated our production and sure "Made My Day" (as Clint Eastwood would say), getting the FOUR quilts finished and out of the frames today! It sure was a challenging goal! THANK YOU! Now to get binding... forSaturday... SEE, you pessimists, we are multi-dexterous, ("talking/walking/chewing gum"), having permission to quilt during the meeting, while still actively participating, attentively listening, "hearing/seeing/working", too!!!!!!

Two quilts were bound this week (baseball/fireman and dinosaurs) and both sold; the 3rd quilt (Chevron pattern) was sold to a return shopper. Two quilts sandwiched, going home for quilting with M and N. 

AUGUST QUILT REPORT: Quilt inventory - 27 quilts completed/for sale (25 baby, 1 breast cancer and the raffle quilt), 6 quilts in-progress, and 35 quilt tops sewn/available. And 6 quilts were sold for $528.46.

Year-to-date: 37 quilts sold, $1,100 quilt donations, total quilt income $4,125.10.

NEWS: Sat., 9/3, 7:02 am was a very rude awakening to start the day with a 5.6 magnitude earthquake at Pawnee, OK (tying the record of the strongest quakes in OK history)! Most were startled, some were even "moved", but a few slept thru the "shake...rattle... and roll"?!?! Thanks to for donating batting, already put to use today. Our own"Sleeping Beauty" - B's medical perplexities continue with still NO answers and another referral now for a sleep disorder? B and G's craft price tags are really unique/ creative and cute too, incorporating a Chapel photo! DJ/S are off to Iowa for his accounting reunion and her visiting family where she'd grown up in the Boise area. Congratulations to M's husband, H, the State Horseshoe Pitching Tournament CHAMP! So sorry about M/N losing their beloved, 15-yr-old, West Highland Terrier, Annie.

HOW... WHY... The taffy was credited to S, hearing her story at our end of the lunch table about melted taffy and asking, "How to get taffy out of her carpet?" occurred as the taffy was being passed/shared.

OZARK QUILT FAIR at Shiloh this Saturday. B and I will be displaying our quilts in the morning, if you'd like to join us.

CHAPEL OPEN HOUSE  - Saturday noon - 5 pm


Woo... Pig... Sooie...Razorbacks!  With a winning start for the season - AR 21/20 LA Tech!

P.S. Hopefully I've successfully mastered "modern technology" and this will be  transmitted as a Bcc (blind copy) omitting the trail of names/e-addresses. "We'll see..." keeping my fingers crossed!

Aug 30

posted Sep 7, 2016, 6:33 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

YES! Indeed, like the cliché, "Call them and they will come!", with a great response to my plea for this 5th Tuesday of the month with 24 quilters/ stitchers.

P M, our "new gal on the block", returned and was put to work, under the auspices of mentor, M. Also, a quilt square was sent home as stitching homework. Thanks to A for gifting her great collection of magazines chuck-full of arts/crafts/creative ideas.

QUILTING NEWS: Thanks to the persistence and diligence of D and N for completing the 2-sided quilt. With this out, in went the new -  Dinosaur and "Now I Lay Me..." quilts. Two quilts were bound (Blue birds and Dogs) and 2 quilt tops sewn (Bugs/Jar and Sea Animals). The ABC/ Bear  quilt was sold. The "Sunbonnet Sue" contracted for quilting has a iron-on stablizer/ backing; after discussion, M has volunteered to quilt it.

Asking again for multi-tasking next week, "talking/walking/chewing gum" , to get the 4 quilts done/out of the 2 frames before 9/10 Open House, please.  Have been told to have only ONE quilt frame up for quilting, so that visitors can observe..."this is HOW we do it!"


Ooooooooops... Did I miss you coming down the Dixon Street water slide last weekend? Will you bring your photos to share...?

LOTS of activities and frivolity this weekend:
* Friday night high school football begins.
* Saturday is the 1st football game - AR Razorback vs Louisiana Tech.
* Monday is Labor Day - a National Holiday to recognize and honor the achievements, contributions and sacrifices of American workers, for the pursuit of national prosperity and well-being. 

Aug 23

posted Sep 7, 2016, 6:27 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

WHATZUP? With the weather of 51 degrees this past week (the lowest temperature since May 21st), and today's HIGH/HUMID 81* for 19 quilters/ stitchers. The calendar says its August! Is it still summer? or is it fall? 

We enjoyed N's brownies and T's jello poke cake as our lunch treats. T and the Chapel did get press coverage in the Sunday AR GazetteProfiles, D-1, D-2. Thank you T for the PR! Thanks to B, C, R for staying into the afternoon; B swept up and G cleaned the bathroom.

Two guests visited today; P mwanting her "Grandma's Flower Garden" quilted; and she's also interested in learning to quilt. Do hope that she'll come back. And a lengthy visit with N S (K's husband) who is now retired. (He made our tracing, shadow box and was pleased to see that we still use it.) 

QUILTING NEWS: Thanks to N for quilting the "Blue Bird" and N for quilting the pieced dog quilts at home! And thanks to embroiderers for 2 sets of squares - "bugs/jar" by and animals by J. The "owls" quilt was bound; 3 quilt tops sewn: animals, sea animals and transportation; and 2 quilts sandwiched. One "Ring of Animals" quilt was sold, and one quilt ordered.

Next week, the 30th is my favorite 5th Tuesday, hope to have "you 'all  come" for "a sit 'n a stitch 'n"!  With only 2 more weeks to get quilts done/out of the frames before our 9/10 Open House!


2016 Summer Olympics Trivia:  Over 1100 athletes competed in the Olympics! Team U.S.A. won 46 GOLD, 37 SILVERand 38 BRONZE, totaling 121 Olympic MEDALS O0O0O !!!!!

Razorback Medalists: Sandi Morris won SILVER in Pole Vaulting. Taylor Ellis Watson won USA team-GOLD for 1600 Relay. Running for Jamaica - Omar McLeod won GOLD in 110-meter Hurdles and Veronica Campbell Brown won team-GOLD in 400 Relay. Tyson Gay and Jarrion Lawson were disqualified for baton violation after getting BRONZE in the Men's 400 Relay Team.

We're very PROUD and CONGRATULATE these Arkansas Razorback WINNERS and ALL who participated! 

Aug 16th

posted Aug 17, 2016, 5:21 AM by Desire Gashler

The dense, morning fog thankfully cleared, with the bright, morning sun and high humidity making for a H~O~T day for 21 busy sewing bees. S shared her fresh, sweet figs. Yum! Yum! T again thoughtfully brought W for lunch, and also arranged for the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette photographer, with hopefully PR in the Sunday paper. We had 32 for soup lunch. Thanks to everyone's help, B for being "chief" dish-washer and B C. and R sweeping up.

QUILTING NEWS: S called herself a "scrappy quilter", having sewn a pieced quilt top with columns of triangles, a great mixture of colors/prints/ fabrics and framed in tan/maroon. WHAT a very prolific quilt day with 4 quilts sold (cat squares, dog center, appliquéd cats/dogs, and pieced, tumbling blocks) and 3 new orders! Hope these idioms aren't messages of "We're going to the dogs?" or "Is it raining cats and dogs?" Thanks to G for quilting the owl quilt. Six quilts were bound this week and 9 quilts laundered! Whew!  
Thanks to D for her care/concern to "align the stars" quilting design on the "Sleepy Bear" quilt.


TRIVIA: Thursday, August 18, 2018 Almost Eclipse! 
The time/date calculation show that the Sun, Earth and Moon will be very closely aligned, but there will be no lunar eclipse. As viewers on Earth will not be able to see the Earth's shadow on the Moon!

RIO OLYMPICS: Still watching and rooting for AR athletes to WIN gold!

Aug 10

posted Aug 10, 2016, 6:02 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

'Twas quite a temperate day, not too hot, humid or rainy for 19 very busy quilters/stitchers. We again shared B C.'s delicious "dish pan cookies!" (won't comment... as been there... done that before) 

We tried out E's suggestion of moving our lunch table to the middle of the room, avoiding the direct AC vent. Table talk included emergency 911 access via cell phone or U-Verse with/without a land-line? After having phone problems, B shared info from AT&T. And was soliciting residents of Fayetteville to vote for the Library issue today. Thanks to E for sweeping/ cleaning up today and B and C for staying late to help with quilts.

QUILTING NEWS: A very, very busy and long 2 days... getting 7 quilts marked, sandwiched, ready to quilt, 4 in frames and 3 to be quilted at home by G N and N. Four quilts came of the frames today, and the "2-faced" quilt was turned. Is it now on the front-side? or back-side? An anonymous donor dropped off fabric. And S M. donated yards of rose bud patterned fabric. embroidered 2 sets of "Sunbonnet Sue" squares, and has bought matching fabric. M's's gingham/polkadot, appliquéd cats/dogs was bound and already is sold. And 2 quilt tops were sewn: a BIG, wild animal, crib size panel, x-stitched by and the circus cage/train embroidered by D (3rd time's the charm in giving credit where due - to Dorothy). 


Hope you're watching/enjoying the Olympics, the spectacular opening ceremony, and the record number of USA medals so far. Stay tuned... with the U of A Razorbacks competition in Rio de Janeiro yet to come.

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