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Dec 8th Quilting

posted Dec 11, 2015, 6:14 AM by Desire Gashler

"Up on the (Chapel) house top reindeer paws... Out jumps dear old Santa Clause..."but instead were 20 very busy elves "sit 'n stitch 'n" "Away in the.. (basement). For we still had lots to do with the 4 quilts in frames and clean-up before leaving for our winter-break/hiatus. What a great group, merrily taking time from ALL the activities and hustle/bustle, preparing for Christmas. With the sunny week and temperatures in the 60's, NOT "It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas", "Baby It's Cold Outside", "Winter Wonderland", "Let It Snow...", "Frosty, the Snowman", NO "Walking in the Winter Wonderland" NOR a "White Christmas"! And won't make it a "Blue Christmas"  for jingling our "Jingle Bells" and for "Chestnuts Roasting by an Open Fire" !!!

"With a sleigh full of toys/gifts…" gave us each fragrant bath salt gifts she'd made; and also shared a Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie. The pie is in great demand, and its popularity/scarcity even made the evening news. M left extra bobble-heads (from last week), new embroidery packages and seeds (which someone?) did scatter, to brighten our pathway in the spring. 

For show & tell, brought a lovely, big, poinsettia, crocheted doily, and a music themed afghan with a piano keyboard. HOW imaginative and creative! Thanks to B C., BR and S who stayed to clean up and store everything away "... for a long winter's nap." 

QUILT NEWS: Embroiderers - L finished a Noah center, and another set of sea animal squares. Sold were the red/white tent with girls at play and the t-shirt (sewn by L L.) quilts. Thanks to N who finished the "whole cloth" quilt, even continuing quilting through (probable arthritis) pain in her fingers! The last 4 quilts are out of the frames, but not quite completed; so A, G and volunteered for homework, and we gratefully accepted.

NOVEMBER QUILT REPORT:  Another record breaking month with 11 quilts sold, for an income of $1,460.68, includes the big, wedding quilt.

WHAT a fantastic, spectacular, remarkable, unbelievable, terrific,           
2015 year-end report, as of 12/876 quilts QUILTED! 76 quilts SOLD!! Income $6,735.00!!! With an inventory of 20 completed quilts: 16 baby, raffle and the 3 breast cancer quilts. 

Want to say THANK YOU and praise, extol, and commend your dedication, in song lyrics: Hark The Herald Angels Sing... Do You Hear What I Hear? Joy To The World... Go Tell It On the Mountain... Angels We Have Heard on High...Tis the Season To Be Jolly...Have a Holly Jolly Christmas... ! 

"The 12 Days of Christmas"
  items itemized cost for 2015 is just over $100,000.00! And that's not even from Neiman Marcus' 2015 Christmas fantasy list.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas... We Wish You a Merry Christmas... and a Happy New Year! Auld Lang Syne! 


Hope you could identify with the rhetoric, rhymes/themes, lyrics/wishes/ dreams of these Christmas classics. 

Quilting Dec 1st

posted Dec 2, 2015, 5:27 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

****It wasn't  "A Miracle on 34th Street" but instead in Fayetteville at 4:53 p.m. today with a call from J, jubilant that "HER EARRING IS FOUND!" And asking me to "let you know." The earring was on their kitchen floor between the freezer and refrigerator; good thing they hadn't stepped on it! Thanks to everyone who searched frantically at the Chapel! We know the value and significance, being an anniversary gift from her husband, P! 

"Wintery it ain't - no complaints! Snowier: Storefronts are showier, light displays glowier. Shoppers are prowling, blizzards howling! Drifts a-heaping, lords a-leaping. Yule logs burning, gifts returning. Winds are keen for 2015."from The Old Farmer's Almanac. Having survived Thanksgiving Day feasts, the frantic start of Christmas shopping with "black Friday" and "cyber-Monday", this 1st day of December, was quite crisp and cold, but a sunny and merry start with 24 quilters/stitchers. 

D and K received their "sunflowers" today from M, making them "official"! And B's Aunt N visited again today, saying her goodbyes, as she returns to Atlanta, GA. 

Your donations and generosity to our CASA family were overwhelming, completely filling the table to overflowing. Three lovely quilts were made by D, M and N, 2 pillows, and knitted hats! Thank you ALL for your contributions for their Merry Christmas.

QUILT NEWS: Embroiderers have been busy, D - sea animal squares, R - "Now I Lay Me" BIG panel and 3 Little Pigs center, and M - Mother Goose and Noah's Ark centers (needing only finishing touches of eyes and thread for the goose). 

B filled a table with patterns, bags, books, and beautiful projects, for the taking. DJ suggesting that donation$ for these items be made to the Chapel. M brought for "show & tell",  a beautiful, big quilt of hand-sewn, pieced squares, a "spool" pattern. She sewed the quilt top together and quilted it. And she brought us each Christmas "bobble-heads". Thanks B and M for being so thoughtful.

NOVEMBER QUILT REPORT: 11 quilts were sold (including the BIG, wedding quilt), with an income of $1,477.68. Five quilts are in frames/in-progress with 1 sold.

With the completion of these 5 quilts, we will have a year-end inventory of 22 quilts: 17 baby, the t-shirt, raffle "Calender Quilt" and 3 breast cancer quilts. A RECORD YEAR of 76 quilts quilted, 74 quilts SOLD and an income of $6,567.68 (per treasurer J's report).

IT REALLY WAS A TREAT TODAY to "GO OUT" for an enjoyable Christmas lunch! NO decorating! NO cooking! NO cleaning up! Hope that will become an annual event! 

I'm using those Doris Day's "Bushel and a Peck" lyrics to say THANK YOU for coming back to the Chapel to quilt this afternoon, to get those last 5 quilts finished. "I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck. A hug around the neck and a barrel and a heap. A barrel and a heap and I'm talkin' in my sleep... About you, about you."  

Count down... 24 days before Christmas... and just one more quilting day... December the 8th... Hoping to see all of you... Let's "get 'r done!"


Quilting November 24th

posted Nov 25, 2015, 3:14 PM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

A heartfelt a THANK YOU to the 15 dedicated quilters/stitchers who took time today to volunteer, prior to all the frantic preparation of Thanksgiving dinner to share with family/friends. We were ALL "a sit 'n sew 'n" even with lots of other activity; T displaying our donated CASA Christmas gifts and M assembling the new shelving units. In spite of the noise and disarray, you continued on as "busy sewing bees," "keeping focused," and "keeping your nose to the grindstone!" 

D H had homework last week, returning today with the animal squares all embroidered! WOW! Sorry, she was omitted in last week's news, as her name wasn't yet on the list! K J-M was a guest of B. She ambitiously delved into embroidering. B brought her Aunt N, who's visiting for Thanksgiving.

Our lunchtime discussion was about "contract quilting" of BIG quilts; the question was preempted by a "walk-in" for 3 big quilts to be quilted. You'll be amused by her saying, "NO RUSH! I don't need them before Christmas!" Others (some "in-house") have also queried about wanting BIG quilts quilted. Further discussion is needed, especially considering TIME and pricing, with ALL to be involved in the decision, "TO QUILT... or  NOT TO QUILT...IS THE QUESTION?", since our Son's Chapel mission is "Hand-quilted baby quilts"! 

"Who 'll be cooking Thanksgiving Dinner?" was a devious question. With answers from many. Others will be preparing side-dishes and pies to make, bake and take... NOW we know the choices as "party-crashers!" ha! ha! OR maybe, like the movie, "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?", (the 1967 American comedy/drama/ romance classic).

QUILT NEWS: Two quilts were bound - Bugs/Jar and J's bear squares (from previous yr). Three quilts were sold; including the BIG, wedding quilt with A M generously adding an extra $200 for all our work and labors. D J's earlier challenge, "To move the quilts from the left-side rack to the right-side"?!?!?!? Move over? Move on... Move away.  Move somewhere-else? The act of moving? A movement? (Initially/naively, the MOVE was perplexing and NOT interpreted/construed as finished/quilted!) But the move will come to fruition, with the 5 quilts in frames/in-progress, for ALL quilts will be quilted/MOVE, having a year-end inventory of 21 completed quilts: 17 baby quilts, the raffle "Calender Quilt", and 3 breast cancer quilts. What a fantastic, record-breaking year! As said before "Can't spell success without U (YOU)! Thank YOU!!!!!

Be sure to check out the new shelves and nicely organized fabric boxes, thanks to M's ingenuity and WORK! We will be returning to the Chapel after lunch next week, p~l~e~a~s~e, with just 2 more quilting days left for the year. So the count-down of 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... more quilts to finish!

On this special day of THANKSGIVING, I can think of at least a dozen, extra-ordinary, bountiful blessings:

Time, talents and treasures, past, present and future.
Hope, health and the promise of happiness in my life/heart.
Autumn's colorful foliage to lift my spirits.
Neighborly, caring and thoughtful friends.
Kindness, doing unto others.
Sacred places of serenity for prayer and worship.
Golden hours and loving times with family/friends.
Innocent children to nurture, treasure and love.
Visions of success, with a long-lasting and productive life.
Independence, freedom, pursuit of happiness, our inalienable rights.
Never-ending patience and perseverance.
God's Blessing, protection, forgiveness and PEACE.

*adapted from Someone Cares by Faye Field.

While the turkey is cooking, 
may you find time to list your "Thanks-giving."


Quilting / Soup lunch

posted Nov 18, 2015, 6:48 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

"Don't know why there's NO sun up in the sky?"  Today certainly reiterated these lyrics from the 1943 musical comedy, "STORMY WEATHER," but surely didn't dampen our spirits and/or attendance today with 24 quilters/stitchers "weathering the storm". Sure was surprised and REALLY and SINCERELY APPRECIATE your coming today, responding to my PLEA for "nimble fingered" quilters to finish up the last 5 quilts for the year. Also a good day for tasty, warm soup for 33; good thing that T anticipated L's late arrival (for heard the "cupboard was bare"). 

QUILT NEWS: Got M 's label sewn on the BIG wedding quilt; NOW, finally ALL DONE... "signed/sealed/and to be delivered!" And S took photos, but HOW could we ever forget it ?!?! L L. came in today, bearing gifts; thanks for her donations of a magnifying light, cat patterns and embroidery hoops. Plus, she finished sewing the "contract" t-shirt quilt! R embroidered a 3 Little Pigs center. 

The side, basement "wall" has been cleaned and sealed, all ready for the new shelving for fabric boxes. Any suggestions for organization/storage?!?!?!?!Glad everyone got the message and was able to safely maneuver around the FAR barricaded driveway entrance.

Hope I got most of the news, since I was preoccupied with completing the BIG wedding quilt before an appointment. Anything missed and/or amiss? Please let me know...

Veteran's Day trivia: B H is our own VETERAN, an Army Nurse and a nurse at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (info from T).

If you're not going... "Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go…" for Thanksgiving, hope to see you next week! OH! MY! Forgetting, our age... WE ARE THE GRANDMAS and Great-GRANDMAS!



posted Sep 18, 2015, 9:22 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

First a summation of the Saturday Ozark Quilt Fair at Shiloh, and SO pleased to have 16 from Son's Chapel! It was indeed a beautiful, sunny, pleasant day, displaying 9 of our quilts (2 S's pieced, one an "I Spy"; the raffle, "Calendar Quilt"; 1 breast cancer; and 5 baby quilts. We had fliers available to encourage VOTING for the Martha Stewart "American Made"  and the Chapel tri-fold brochure. We met A N and B B who came to visit today. B/J, her husband, stayed for lunch, as well as taking a "sleepy bear" center for home-work! They are interested in joining us as embroiderers and we welcome them both.

It was another nice, warm, fall day for 25 (and that is a RECORD turn out for the year!) quilters/stitchers! Also had a record attendance of 41 for Soup Lunch! Our "fishes and loaves" multiplied with enough food to feed all! Thanks for ALL who set-up, washed and cleaned up. Like the idiom: "Many hands make light work!"

J's friend, P K, donated some lovely hand-embroidered and frog appliquéd squares, fabric, and 3 pkg. of printed patterns. A thank you note will be sent. B had cute, blue, tiny baby booties.

QUILT NEWS: Quilting was finished on 3 quilts, 2 out of the frame with taking the sea animals home to finish, and N quilted a yellow/blue/lilac "Ring...".  embroidered another "Ring..." and was kept busy marking.Three quilts were sandwiched; and M helped get 2 quilts in the frame for next week. 

Martha Stewart's "AMERICAN MADE" VOTING begins September 21stRead the details in "Now is the time" message sent by D J. ALSO NEEDED are "COMMENTS!"

Raffle Quilt "Calendar Quilt" tickets are available, $1/each, or 6/$5. Raffle is December 1st.


 “T Recommends” for your reading pleasure: Monica Ferris writes a series of “Cozy” Mysteries that are set in a fictitious Minnesota town, centered around a store selling knitting, crocheting & embroidering supplies, plus hosts a group of women who get together to sew… and gossip… every Monday.  The owner is the one who solves mysteries.  Books are easy, light reading & at least the one I read has a Crochet pattern included.  Go is familiar with the author & has read a number of the books – the latest one is “Darned If You Do… A Needlecraft Mystery”, & others in series have equally appropriate names, like “Crewel World”, “Framed in Lace”, “A Stitch in Time” etc.  Can’t promise quilting, tho! Fayetteville Public library has numerous copies, as does the Washington Co. library system.   

Go read! 

Quilting Sept 8

posted Sep 9, 2015, 5:06 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

It is autumn/fall, but still really "hot", and we were ALL so busy that we had to even be reminded that it was lunch time! What does that say about our 22 dedicated and energetic sewing bees/quilters/stitchers!? We know its fall, for Starbucks is featuring its "pumpkin-spice" flavor, even now using real pumpkin. And football season has begun with the U of AR victory 48/13! Woo! Pig! Sooie... Razorbacks!

THANKS and congratulations to J and S, with help from D J, E, J for the Martha Stewart American Made nomination of our Son's Chapel quilts!!!! WOW! How exciting! MORE info to come as for our comments... and HOPEFULLY voting..., as we discussed at lunch.

SHOW and TELLNona brought a treasured/vintage "New York Beauty" quilt! DJ sewed 3 pair of tiny/little baby shoes, white dress/tie-ups, moccasins, and red cowboy boots, a "kit" from the 60s, and which she tried to convince us as vintage!  She also had a book of photos from her granddaughter's wedding. S M. had an "old" newspaper photo of Son's Chapel quilts, but regretfully no date.

QUILT NEWS: DJ has the "fund-raiser" Calendar Quilt tickets available. This week: 3 quilts were bound and finished - frogs, horses, sea animals; 2  were marked; 3 sandwiched -  with M and N taking a "Ring..."and N the "Humpty..."; and 2 new tops sewn - "Humpty...:" and printed animals. M and N quilted  2 quilts at home. R finished  cross-stitch/Sunbonnet Babies. Two quilts were sold and 2 ordered.

TRIVIA: (1) President Grover Cleveland was the fonder Labor Day, as an official national holiday in 1887. (2)  It honors the American Labor Movement and their contributions to the strength, prosperity and well-being of America. (3) NASCAR Races start on Labor Day, as well as the beginning of the football season.

OZARK QUILT FAIR at Shiloh, Sat., September 12, 10:00 - 2:00.  See you there...


Quilting Aug 25

posted Aug 26, 2015, 4:10 PM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Quilters,

WHEW! Don't know about ALL of you, but it felt like we were on a tread-mill, merry-go-round, ferris wheel or maybe bumper cars, with lots of activity and everything a-buzzzzzzzzz...ing today. Thankfully it was a cool day, and even turned off the AC, so the breeze wouldn't freeze out the 19 quilter/stitchers.

THANKS to J C, and his partner/helper B, for all their hard work on the Chapel parking lot: leveling it, then, spread, raking, watering, and packing down the "crusher run" gravel to make the surface very smooth, without the bumps and pot-holes! It is a 110% IMPROVED walking and driving surface! We all appreciate you and your dedication to Son's Chapel!

We had 4 visitors today who browsed the quilts, but no buyers!? Somewhat a rarity?! However, one wanted a t-shirt quilt made. Our answer, "JUST SAY NO!"   L L. is developing quite a quilt repertoire, today adding skills of quilt marking (even making her own pattern/design) and helping get quilts in the frame! And what a colorful, geometric quilt she sewed and brought in to share. said the green/purple sleepy bear quilt was a baby shower gift, with the mother-to-be saying, "It was the cutest thing she ever saw. And it matches the colors of the nursery perfectly!" What a very nice compliment to receive! We KNOW we do good work, but also nice to know that others appreciate our quilts too! Thanks to for replenishing our supply of quilt index cards. And she AGAIN did clean up, vacuuming the entire floor. Come...on, lets all take part in weekly clean up. Have you taken your turn to volunteer? E has finished quilting the 3rd of her grandmother's "postage stamp sized square" quilt! What nice stitching! We enjoyed B's "good cop story" from the front page of the AR Gazette, policemen with compassion!

QUILT NEWS: Keep thinking for a clever "Name that Quilt"! J still hasn't found those LOST/stray dog/cat patterns? Three quilts were finished today: "Twinkle..." done by N, the tent scene by N, and the sea animals which was in the frame with N finishing that last edge/border. Two quilts were marked for quilting by L L. Four baby quilts were put in the frames (bugs/jar, sea animals, sleepy bear and transportation). Two quilts were sewn this week: "Ring..." in blue/lilac/yellow and 3 Little Pigs. Two quilts were bound: the girl/swinging which is sold and the BIG, fund-raiser/raffle, blue-gingham, with S doing some quilt control stitching. Two centers were embroidered: sleep bear by B and "Ring..." by L. N took the horses home to quilt. And the BIG, contract, wedding quilt was rolled/turned, now 1/6th done! So, if you're counting... that's a total of 17 quilts worked on today! Might be a record? No wonder I felt frazzled, no not bedazzled!

We have LOTS of quilting to do... so we do need all of YOU to have finished quilts to sell/display at the Chapel, AND 6-8 quilts to take to the Ozark Quilt Show at Shiloh 9/12.


P.S. My personal thanks and appreciation for all your perfect quilting stitches and diagonal lines on the fund-raiser/raffle quilt. As I sat hand-sewing the binding, I marveled at your work and stitches, making the quilt look so beautiful! Thank you! And I am relieved and jubilant to have it completed! NOW pending are the decisions of when? and clarity of a raffle? But it will be displayed at Shiloh!

Quilting/Soup Lunch Aug 18

posted Aug 19, 2015, 9:57 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Quilters,

It was a very pleasant summer day with the temperatures a little cooler and a bit more palatable, and another very productive, quilting day with 22 very busy quilters/stitchers. Lunch was another delicious array of soups, sandwiches, salads and desserts for 31, with spouses and guests. Thanks to S for washing dishes and all those who set-up and cleaned up lunch.

L L , friend of M,  returned today as a guest, and was quickly put to work. She pitched right in, helping to pin/ sandwich a quilt and learning to trace a quilt pattern. A finished her "Friendship Ties" quilt, with all silk neckties, what lovely work and pattern; and loved her special label: "I made myself a quilt and my cat thinks its his!"  S has finished another very special "I SPY" quilt. G G has donated lots of muslin, backing material and 4 partial packages of batting. A thank you note has been sent to her. And thanks to for taking a picture of G's quilt wall-hanging for her. The Chapel Note Cards are packaged and available, 6 cards for $5.00, with 2 each/3 views of the Chapel. 

QUILT NEWS:  THANK YOU! YEA! What a great day having the "fund-raiser"/raffle, blue gingham quilt OUT OF THE FRAME!!!!!! You sure "MADE MY DAY!" and I am VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY content, delighted, elated, fortunate, happy, gracious, indebted, joyful, pleased, proud, relieved, and over-whelmed by ALL the hours of quilting, your hard work, dedication, achievement and production to "get 'r done" in just 2 months!!!!!!!! NOW, a plea, for help, ideas and suggestions... can we come up with a CLEVER name/title for this quilt to use at the Ozark Quilt Show? NAME THAT QUILT???? It is navy blue gingham and white, has 12 embroidered squares for the 12 months with an appropriate design depicting each month, the 12, 16-patch squares are each a DIFFERENT geometric design of 32 blue gingham and white triangles, and the backing is a very colorful, with blue Amish-maids and designs, navy/white polkadots, and blue/yellow/pink flowers. Like the TV show, "Name that song..." lets "Name this quilt"!

Two quilts tops were sewn, S's pink "sleepy bear" and L's pink "Ring..." Also, 2 quilts, horses and twinkle..., were sandwiched today. S M. embroidered a set of Noah squares. Two quilts were sold: the green/purple "sleepy bear" quilted by N and the mom/baby. N quilted the "swing" quilt, an order. And S took the green frog quilt home to quilt the frog border. 

A second BIG roll of batting, jokingly termed "yellow snowman" (because of the yellow plastic wrapping), was bought and donated by R. The 1st roll is all gone, used for about 40 quilts this year! YES! We have been very busy sewing beeeees! And the BIG, wedding quilt is off to a great start... with one row almost quilted. Let's keep on.... keeping on... quilting!!!!! Thanks to E, B, R as today's clean-up crew.

IT'S BACK TO SCHOOL week... so heed the school speed limits, obey the NEW AR law of NO cell phones or texting in school zones! DRIVE CAREFULLY!  KEEP SAFE!


Quilting Aug 11

posted Aug 12, 2015, 7:10 PM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

THANK YOU 'all for your positive response to my ABC, alphabetical plea for help... Despite having a "black-out", due to 26 minute power outage, it truly was a great summer day with everyone pitching in, keeping on-task, and "sit 'n quilt 'n" into the afternoon, with 19 quilters/stitchers! Quilting continued, opening the shades for daylight;l N and A used their cell phone lights; while B was well-prepared, having her own flash light! Poor J got caught IN THE DARK (you know where?). We told her to open the door, and promised we wouldn't listen or peak! She contacted P, her knight in shining armor for lanterns, who came to our rescue. Thanks to N for a cracker treat for lunch ("Polly wants a cracker!" NO, not crack..., nor cracking up. ha! ha!) And D J's book marks (for those absent last week) created hysteria over David? Such comical comments, even quite risqué for demure and proper "quilting ladies"!

Disappointed by no response from K S. who visited last week, as an advertising source for our quilts. BUT what a blessing to have R back today, after her lengthy hiatus, her father's death, and ALL her health problems. She volunteered and was put to work folding note cards, and even left with "homework" - cross-stitch/embroidery! She looked great and we pray for her continued recovery. J W visited today with her grand daughter, also named R. She tried her hand at stitching and easily identified the "I-Spy" figures on S's two quilts. OH! To be young! OR maybe at our age, just settling for being "young at heart"!

QUILT NEWS: We're still quilting on the two baby and "fund-raiser" quilts, but making progress, hopefully on the LAST turn! The BIG, wedding quilt is IN-THE-FRAME and S and S started quilting! YEA! S embroidered a pink "Ring..." Trying to keep ahead and replenish our quilt "supply", five quilts were sandwiched this week and ready for quilting; N took the "swing" quilt home which is sold. Another quilt was sold today! Thanks A for the great suggestion for more quilting time! And thanks to clean-up crew - N and R. C thoughtfully gathered us for a photo and video to send to M for her birthday tomorrow. Don't know IF... she "CAN HEAR ME NOW?" in their Colorado cabin marooned in the wilderness? But we are thinking of you - M, wishing you a Happy Birthday, and saying WE MISS YOU and adapting the lyrics, "Won't you come home Bill Bailey (M)?" P~L~E~A~S~E...

CHAPEL NOTE CARDS: T has had NEW Son's Chapel note cards printed: Pkg. $5/6 cards, 3 views, 2 cards/each (2 of Chapel in color and 1 quilters).  Packages are available at the Chapel.

R (computer not cooperative? so am sending on... unable to change the font/print size, or add BOLD highlights, italics, etc.?) OR MY! What did I do? I am blue as I stew! For I have NO clue...

Quilting Aug 4

posted Aug 9, 2015, 7:19 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

WHEW! A busy, L~O~N~G, hot, humid, summer day for 19 quilters/stitchers. Thanks to D J for the picturesque, souvenir bookmarks from her trip. 

K S visited today perusing our quilts and prices. She has a source for advertising our quilts; E and S are to create a flyer to display. We also had 3 shoppers lured in by M's great "Handmade Baby Quilts for Sale" sign!

QUILT NEWS: Three quilts were sold today! Two more quilts were marked this week; having 4 (2 are sold) ready and waiting to be quilted. Thanks to N who volunteered to take a quilt home. B embroidered a blue/lilac/yellow "Ring...". B had a shadow-box display of a lovely, hand-made, intricate, embroidered doily made by the mother C R. and DJ displayed their beautiful, treasured, heirloom quilts, each with a special story and memory! S has registered the Chapel for the Ozark Craft Fair at Shiloh in September.

A~L~E~R~T !!!!   A~L~E~R~T !!!! Like the foghorn sound for a submarine dive! We're sinking! The supply of finished baby quilts has dwindled (HAVING SOLD 12 quilts in May, 12 quilts in June and 10 quilts in July)! THE DEMAND FAR EXCEEDS THE SUPPLY!  MAYDAY!!! MAYDAY!!! We need help! (It is a GOOD distress call to have, meaning that quilt sales are booming!) But a worry for ME and I hope THEE of HOW to replenish the quilt supply? 

Maybe adapting the lyrics from Michael's Jackson's "ABC... Easy as one, two, three, Simple as do-re-mi."  (my line - Easy as you and me...) 
Thus I'm Asking, Begging, Counting, Drafting, Encouraging, Facilitating, Gathering, Hastening, Invoking, Justifying, Keeping, Luring, Mustering, Needing, Obtaining, Pleading, Questing, Reaching, Soliciting, Touting, Urging, Valuing, Wanting, X'ing, Yielding, Zealously for your HELP! 
Ideas? Suggestions? Adding EXTRA quilting days (maybe after school starts, vacation season is over, and summer time activities end)? HATE TO ASK and TAX the faithful quilters to take home quilts, but if you are willing and able, will you please?

JULY QUILT REPORT: Not to be repetitive, but July was another consecutive, RECORD breaking month, selling 10 quilts and $974 income. Inventory: 9 finished quilts (6 baby quilts with 3 sold today and 3 breast cancer); 3 quilts in-progress (2 baby quilts - 1/sold and the fund-raiser); 22 quilt tops - 2/sold.

Quilt Pricing: I was asked for input; average, current quilt price is $85. A time/ cost study as a basis for pricing: embroidering squares/centers - 20-25 hrs., doubled for cross-stitching; quilt design, selecting and cutting fabric, squaring up squares/ centers, and sewing quilt top - 10 hrs.; hand-quilting - 40-60 hrs. (4 quilters x 2 1/2 hrs x 4-6 wks in frame); binding, label, washing - 4 hrs. Most fabric is donated; but batting and backing cost $10-$15, embroidery floss/thread $5.) Question IF this is the current, optimal price for our local market? Would an increase deter sales? Further thoughts, ideas, suggestions for discussion...

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