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Come back to see what types of quilts we are working on and what you can do to help! We are always in need of batting, material, and helping hands! 

December 9th Quilting

posted Dec 11, 2014, 6:51 PM by Desire Gashler

Dear Quilters,

"THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES" of 2014, volunteering many, many hours of stitching, and your dedication and commitment to Son's Chapel, QUILTING 50 QUILTS made it a BANNER YEAR, and a record quilt INCOME (being "good" customers, too); plus the great camaraderie and friendship of ALL! Today 19 B~U~S~Y quilting/sewing BEES were WE! We did meet out goal of getting the 5 quilts out of the frames, with the cross-stitch quilt finished and ready for binding, and thanks to N for volunteering to take the other 4 quilts (the bright frogs, pink "ring of animals", flowered/gingham squares, and the BIG pansy) home to finish during our winter hiatus. Thanks for the tasty treats for lunch, M's fruitcake, N's chocolates and P's German, cherry Stollen pastry. B got a call Monday from S.H. about "a dead man" in our Son's Chapel Cemetery. NOT humorous prank call or a ploy on words, but regretfully a tragic suicide.

Two quilts were sold today; and 2 quilts are already ordered for 2015! A gave a donation of fabric; N delivered the BIG, black bear quilt; and S. M. embroidered a set of cat squares. J, M and P were busy marking today, to prepare embroidery work to be taken home. S was busy on her computer, working on the Chapel's 2015 Directory; and she also cleverly and successfully "tea dyed" squares to match the off-white shades (NO! NOT "...Shades of Grey"). The Chapel basement/ our work area is all cleaned up, and "ready for a l~o~n~g winter's nap":  B swept and tidied up, and took the laundry and trash. S was Mrs. Clean, clearing out the refrigerator, and scrubbing the sinks and bathroom, on her hands and knees! M took time to put insulation in the Chapel's windows before leaving for Florida.

Correction: We have gained SEVEN, new volunteers this year!

Arkansas Razorbacks will play in the AdvoCare Texas Bowl at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, on Monday, December 29th! Our entire family will be bowl bound... Go...Pigs...Sooie... RAZORBACKS!  

"Merry Christmas to all... and to all a good night" and "Auld Lang Syne", wishing you a Peaceful, Healthy, Prosperous and Happy New Year!

Do keep in touch, "e", write or call... KEEP up your sewing/stitching/quilting skills... And stay warm and healthy!

SEE YOU next year, Tuesday, FEBRUARY 3, 2015


December 2nd Quilting

posted Dec 3, 2014, 9:58 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Quilters,

"OH, the weather outside is (wasn't too) frightful..." and the "Chestnuts(weren't) roasting on an open fire...", BUT the food for the Christmas Pot Luck luncheon smelled delightful and tasted delicious, too, with the lovely, table decorations and Christmas sing-along put us "IN THE MOOD" for Christmas, for the 21 who quilted and stitched, with some even staying for extra afternoon stitching, too. 

Thanks to S for being such a "sweetie", with the Lindor milk chocolate truffles gift treats! YUM! YUM! And thanks to G for our Christmas caroling and leading the sing-along. NEW quilts for "show and tell": L designed and finished two really cute quilts, one with cat squares and the other with wild animal squares; loved all those animals, with their cute tails a-wagging!?! N's big, pink, appliqued quilt (just sandwiched and marked Nov. 11th) is DONE, already cross-hatched/quilted in record time of 3 WEEKS?!?!?!? HOW? She must have stitched night and day, and is mirroring M with extra hours in her days, too! N "volunteered" to quilt the Noah's Ark quilt for the baby who "was born yesterday"). And S is finishing up the LSU quilt and bunny panel/ivy quilt, a Christmas order. The BIG, BLACK bear quilt will be labeled this week, another Christmas gift. Thanks to M and P for making the special labels. One quilt was sold today, and another baseball quilt ordered. J is tracing quilt patterns to embroidery, IF you are able and willing to do some embroidering over our winter break, please..., please..., please... Already THINKING and planning ahead, trying to get a head start on having a supply of baby quilts to be finished and available to display for our MAY 2015 Open House.

NOVEMBER QUILT REPORT: J was very complimentary about 2014 being a "RECORD YEAR" for quilting! The 2014 quilt income was $3,812.50, the highest ever! And with the quilts now in frames (and hopefully to be completed next week), 50 quilts have been quilted and 45 quilt were sold this year! YEA! That #50 includes 10 quits left from past years' inventory, AND those "BIG 'ns": the TWO pansy quilts, the wedding/signature quilt and the black bear quilt. DRUM R~O~L~L... thanks, praise, applause, and appreciation.. give us all a pat on the back for being sooooo dedicated, all those many, many, many stitches and volunteering your TIME and TALENTS to/for Son's Chapel!!!!!! We're ending the year with 34 VOLUNTEERS, having gained five, new, enthusiastic volunteers!

December 9th, hope to see you ALL next Tuesday, our final quilting day for the year! Still striving to get those 5 quilts out of the frames before our winter hiatus! We need YOUR "Jack be nimble... Jack be quick..." stitching, please!!!!


Nov 25th Quilting

posted Nov 26, 2014, 5:18 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Quilters,

Another cold, chilly day, with the 21 "hail and hearty"  a "sit 'n stich 'n". Hope you 'all saw M's latest project and specially designed quilt she brought for "show and tell". G has quilted her reversible, hearth runner, got it trimmed and ready to bind for Thanksgiving. 

Thanks to N who volunteered to quilt the "3 little pigs", a Christmas gift. And thanks to all who stayed after lunch; with those extra stitches, got two frames of quilts rolled. E, J and S have thoughtfully designed and printed text on our Son's Chapel note cards to be an enclosure with our quilts. What a great idea!  Again, asking for and needing H~E~L~P, J needs a quilt ASAP, for the baby was "born yesterday"! Honestly, know the connotations of that cliché, but am just quoting her! IF anyone has the extra time, (in the comfort of your own home, leisurely, maybe sitting in front of a warm fire), please?

NEWS: Another AR RAZORBACK WIN and shut-out! AR 30/0 Ole Miss, a sixth win for the season and making AR "bowl-eligible". We surely weren't "crying in the rain" and we are NOW truly "Bie - lem - ers"!!!!!! Go... Pigs...Sooie... RAZORBACKS!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Wishing you an abundance of love, joy and happiness with family and friends as you share an enjoyable, delicious, traditional, turkey dinner and a fruitful cornucopia overflowing with Thanksgiving blessings!

December 2nd and 9th are the final two quilting days for the year! Have lots of quilts to do... Due? Don't stew... be blue...or miss the hue... Take the clue... South two already flew... See the view... In lieu of... Too few... Boo! Hoo! WHEW... we really do need YOU


Nov 18th Quilting and Lunch

posted Nov 19, 2014, 6:36 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Quilters,

"Baby it's old outside..." with the Arctic, wintery blast that is covering most all of the U.S. but luckily without the snow here! We had 23 quilters/stitchers withering the cold. And we had 31 for another delicious lunch, with spouses, our electrician and guests. It was good to have J/D and M join us today. MY, the beautiful acappella and harmonious voices of D and G, sounding like angelic music as we quilted!

Thanks to M, N and N for their "quality control" stitching to finish up the BLACK BEAR and baseball quilts. M also quilted a horse quilt, already ordered/sold. Four quilts were sold today; and J says #49 quilts have been quilted (and/or are in-progress) for the year! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU, one and all for all the stitching!!!!!

NEWS: AR RAZORBACKS WON, AR 17/0 LSU and the rivalries' "GOLDEN BOOT"!!! It was their 17th SEC Conference game (having lost the previous, 16 consecutive games since 2012). And their first shut-out since 2002! Also, LSU was ranked 17th! Is this the lucky 7 ("7 come 'a 11..."), a true anomaly, or just a coincidence? WHATEVER! The fans were elated, storming the field and tearing down the goal posts. Go...Pigs...Sooie... RAZORBACKS!

Quilting as usual next Tuesday, the 25th... "BEE THERE OR BEE SQUARE", p~l~e~a~s~e,  all you quilting bees! tee! hee!


Nov 11th Quilting and Veteran's Day

posted Nov 13, 2014, 10:41 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Quilters,

NO! I haven't forgotten about sending the weekly, Quilting Recap!!! Don't shoot the messenger... blame the @#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$ modern technology of the computer, making ME "a day late and a dollar short" really! 

The brisk and windy morning didn't stop 21 "tried and true" quilters/stitchers! Is this the early start of winter, with a wintery mix of freezing rain and snow for Saturday's AR/LSU game, and continuing on thru the month? AND, its not even officially winter yet! OH! NOT... "Let is snow... Let it snow.. Let it snow!" NO! NO! NO!

WHAT A VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY, for the year-end "count-down" and completing NINE quilts (like the cliché, "a stitch in time saves nine"): 3 quilts were finished/out of the frames, (sleepy bear in yellow/aqua, butterfly/bug squares, AND the BIG, "BAD", BLACK BEARS, S's Christmas gift for her granddaughter!!!!!!!!!!! YEA! F~I~N~A~L~L~Y, NO more signing... "Tomorrow..." Maybe you even heard (far and wide?) the quilters' shouts of joy with their last stitches?!?!?!?!?!?!? Two more baby quilts and the 2nd PANSY quilt were put in frames with M's help; B finished embroidering a cute set of dog squares; and one quilt was sold today. N brought in an appliqued, BIG quilt top and S helped getting it sandwiched and ready to quilt.

Thanks to P for her delicious, home-made cinnamon rolls we enjoyed at lunch. And thanks to those who remained after lunch for the needed, extra quilting time and LOTS of extra stitches! Grateful appreciation and thanks for helping take down the quilts/quilt frames last week (setting up for meeting space on Thursday), and then putting everything back in place this week! And L did a great job tidying up and putting all the donated paper products away. Son's Chapel Quilters are truly a caring group, willingly sharing talents, and always helpful and supportive!

PLANNING AHEAD FOR 2015... your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for baby quilts...for the Chapel's anniversary celebration: Our current, popular designs: Baseball, Bugs in a Jar, Carrousel, Noah's Ark, Sleepy Bear, Sun Bonnet Sue (and to be "politically correct") - Dapper Dan, Transportation, the Chapel's Ring of Animals - "SIGNATURE QUILT", and ?????????? J suggested that the center panels be cut larger to increase the total quilt size. J will be tracing centers/squares to be embroidered, if you will please volunteer, (to keep you fingers "nimble and quick" during our winter hiatus).


Nov 4th Quilting and Election Day

posted Nov 6, 2014, 5:03 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Quilters,

"Down came the rain and washed the spider out..", but NOT us, for in spite of the rain, 24 "hearty" quilters/embroiderers were present today. How appropriately dressed were J in her "rainy day" sweater and T in a fall foliage shirt/sweater! Estopped by to share her newly repaired "JELLY Roll" quilt, made by her grandmother, who called it a "string quilt." (Oooooops... had previously titled it a "Tootsie Roll" quilt.) J shared photos and a detailed itinerary of her latest trip. N donated 30 quilted, placemats (thanks to her great "find"). G is cleverly designing a reversible hearth runner, one side a fall scene and the other with quilted cookie cutter designs for Christmas.

Embroiderers have completed: 3 sets of "bugs in a bottle" squares by L and S; "children at play/tent" center by L; (designing, selecting material and sewing quilt tops will be my winter project during our Dec/Jan hiatus). Four quilts were completed last week, two came out of the frames (baseball diamond and carrousel with blue polka dots), and two were quilted by M (pink "ring of animals" and sea animals). They are already bound, and one is sold. M keeps promising that this is the "last roll" on the black bear quilt... Still hoping it will finally be finished...(not like the Broadway musical... "Tomorrow... tomorrow... I love you tomorrow... You're always a day away!"

Last week, October 28th,  24 were also present. Quilting was followed by B's Halloween of ultimate decorated sights, frights and luncheon delights.

OCTOBER QUILT REPORT:  We've reached the $3,000 budgeted goal for 2014!!! YEA! Ten quilts were completed; 4 quilts were sold and "contract" quilt repairs by M, totaling $382; 12 quilts are finished (ready/available to sell); 5 quilts are in-progress/in frames; 3 new quilt tops were sewn and 22 quilt tops are ready for quilting (ALL "ready, willing and able! tee! hee!). S P wrote a nice thank you note, saying she's been proudly showing off the vibrant primary color "Ring of Animals" quilt she'd purchased (our Son's Chapel original design/signature quilt). We're most grateful for the publicity! DJ and I met with C S, the U of A Director of Trademark Licensing about making Razorback quilts. ONE Razorback quilt will be sewn as a SAMPLE ONLY (not for sale), to get feedback for potential sales next year, BEFORE applying for a "U of A Crafting License" by Son's Chapel. We now have 33 volunteer stitchers, [lose some (sadly)/but gain some (happily)]!

Shiloh Museum "Cabin Fever Reliever", Jan. 10, 2015, 10 am - 2 pmS Y has invited us to share/display your array of "collectibles". Must register in December to participate in this event. More info will be forthcoming from T. Some saw the humor in a comment, "We can all go as antiques!"  ha! ha!

Count down... the end of 2014 is near... and with just 4 (or maybe 5) more quilting Tuesdays...11/11, 11/18, 11/25, 12/2, (12/9) would like to complete: the BIG, "bad", black bear quilt; 4 baby quilts now in the frames; (with 2 to be finished next week), to be replaced with 2 more baby quilts; and start the 2nd Pansy quilt (planning to "stitch in the ditch" around the squares and quilt the border, with N's agreeing to a winter project of stitching around/outlining the pansies). That's an optimistic quilt goal of EIGHT!!!!!!!! That's the bait and our fate! Save the date! Don't be late! At this rate, We can't wait! EVERY mate, be at the gate, our final "state"  (condition/situation/pomp/grandeur) for the year!


October 29th

posted Nov 1, 2014, 5:50 AM by Desire Gashler

Today is the birthday of the folk artist and quilt maker Harriet Powers, born into slavery outside Athens, Georgia (1837). She was married at 18 and gave birth to nine children. She lived most of her life in Clarke County, where in 1897, she began exhibiting her quilts at local cotton fairs. She was believed to have been a house slave and first learned to read with the help of the white children she cared for.

Powers quilts used a combination of hand and machine stitching along with appliqué to form small detailed panels. She then organized these squares to unfold a larger story, much like a modern graphic novel. This teaching style of quilting has its roots in West African coastal communities, and her uneven edging of panels mirrored the complex rhythms of African-American folk music. Through her quilts, she recorded legends and biblical tales of patience and divine justice. Only two pieces of her work have survived: Her Bible Quilt of 1886, which she sold for $5 in the aftermath of the war, now hangs in the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Her Pictorial Quilt of 1888 is displayed in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Powers' work is now considered among the finest examples of Southern quilting from the 19th century.

The city of Athens held a centennial celebration in her honor in 2010, and the mayor officially declared October 30th as Harriet Powers Day.

Oct 21st Quilting

posted Nov 1, 2014, 5:48 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Quilters,

My, what a really foggy start to our day; and so thankful that 24 quilter/stitchers arrived safely in all the fog. We had 34 for our monthly, delicious lunch, including the quilters, spouses, Evan, our electrician and guests. Hope you got some of those tasty, big, finger grapes! Thanks to the "nimble nine" who came on Sat., an extra quilting day. M reports with those extra stitches, the black, bear quilt is just a turn and a half away being finished! What excitement on Sat. with the bathroom, exhaust fan motor a'smoking, R coming to our rescue and discovering a critter (a well-petrified squirrel)  in the ceiling. YIKES! Glad he responded to P's SOS call! P even has a photo to verify the story.

Embroiderers have been busy stitching: "Now I Lay Me..." center by B (her very first, successful, embroidery attempt); 4 sets of transportation cross-stitch squares, 2 by J, and 2 started by M and finished by M.E. and L; a bear/hearts "whole" panel by J; and a baseball diamond center by L. M quilted two quilts this week, with both already bound and sold today. And a Noah's Ark quilt top was sewn this week. P brought in her "celestial stars quilt," quilting frame, boards and all, asking for help to roll the quilt. Thanks to M, our quilt expert, for helping her! S brought two quilts for "show and tell"; one she'd made in just 3 days and a unique, pieced quilt sewn with her mother's premium, fabric scraps.

We had two guests visit from the Shiloh Quilt Fair; S.P. who purchased two quilts and even wrote us a thank you note! And R.S. came "bearing gifts" of fabric, just not visiting, but stepping right in to quilt and even joining us for lunch! Both S and R S. are invited to join Son's Chapel Quilters. A thank you note will be sent to R S for the fabric donation.

Quiling as usual Tuesday morning, October 28th - with a noon Halloween Lunch to follow at R's. Nooo tricks... just treats... and lots of scary sights. Bring NOTHING except your appetite for Halloween fun, a grand tour and decorations galore.


October 14th Quilting

posted Oct 15, 2014, 10:43 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Quilters,

Quilting day was a bright, sunny, fall day, and a welcome relief from the rain accumulation and flood warnings; luckily our area was spared any damage from the storms. The 17 busy bee quilters/stitchers were fabulous Lunch treats and sweets were donuts from P and a home-made, birthday cake baked by M. Regretfully, we celebrated C's birthday, "HAD HER CAKE AND ATE IT, TOO" without her! Today being the grandchild's due date, M thinks that C is "on baby watch." P took photos to share, we missed you C and wish you a Happy Birthday!

A brought in another of her grandmother's treasured quilts, a double wedding ring quilt which needs some TLC to replace several of the tattered pieces. Another "job" for M (in her spare time). Thanks to N and M who finished two quilts at home: N quilted the 3-dimensional boxes around the entire border of the Sesame Street quilt. And, M quilted a carrousel quilt (already ordered). Another quilt was sold today; as we say (in jest), "We are our own best customers!" Two more quilt tops were sewn this week: two "Ring of Animals" - one in bright, primary colors and the second in peachy/pink. J finished a set of embroidered, Sunbonnet Sue squares; and ironically M just had matching fabric, a "find" from their last week's Wichita trip for her son's wedding. Two Quilters have dibs on this quilt, both in hopeful anticipation of a granddaughter's birth.

SATURDAY, Oct. 18th, 9 a.m. - another, extra, quilting day! With the Razorbacks playing in Little Rock, hope you have some spare time to quilt! COME ONE... COME ALL! For we'll be * "SIT 'N STITCH 'N"... We're especially pushing to finish the Black Bear quilt, (a Christmas gift).

Tuesday's SOUP LUNCH, Oct. 21st - Those of you in Group 2, if you didn't sign up today, please contact L. We NEED everyone in the group to bring a covered dish for a complete/full menu to adequately serve ALL the quilters/spouses and guests. If it is your group, we're depending on YOU!

Tuesday, HALLOWEEM LUNCH, Oct. 28th, noon, (not at the chapel, see email for details)


* If you're inquisitive, wanting to know the origin and humor of "SIT 'N STITCH 'N", ask...

October 7th Quitling

posted Oct 15, 2014, 10:39 AM by Desire Gashler

Dear Quilters,

It was a beautiful, warm, sunny, fall day with a "full house" of 20 quilters/stitchers. It was good to see E, who stopped by early with her collection of vintage, embroidered scarfs and a "string quilt" made by her grandmother (now called a "Tootsie Roll" pattern). Those of you missing? surmising you were at the U of AR, President Clinton's political rally!? Right. wing? or is it Left wing?

Catching up on news from the 9/23 meeting (not time to report prior to my flight to Ohio): Lunch treats were brought by G - pumpkin bread and S - oatmeal/chocolate bars. YUM! YUM! Should heed the cliché, "don't believe everything you hear!"; for D says, "She is teaching pre-school, with Evan attending pre-school!"  Show and Tell items - S brought a cute, pieced dolly quilt and a "week quilt"; she made, pieced and machine quilted in just a week's time!  M made a FROG sleeping bag for her granddaughter, L, cleverly adopting her mother's sleeping bag pattern. And M, as usual, being "jaunty on the spot" has made "Sunflower" name tags for our four new volunteers. Newly embroidered centers/squares - baseball diamond by L; sea animals and cross stitch panel of hearts and flowers by M; and a pastel "ring of animals" by M E. Two quilts, black/white Scotty dog squares and the train engine, came out of the frame. Two quilts were sandwiched and put in the frame, butterflies/bugs and sleepy bear. M replaced the center square on a "contract," double wedding ring quilt; owner/M was very pleased with the repairs.  And more embroidery centers finished this week - a primary colors "ring of animals" by L and playing children/tent by S.

SEPTEMBER QUILT REPORT: A record income for quilts this month of $917 (includes the wedding/signature quilt); 12 quilts were completed; 9 were sold/paid for; 5 quilts are in-progress (4 baby quilts and the black bear quilt), and 26 tops are ready for quilting. Discussed IF we should have a "raffle quilt" at the Chapel's May 2015 Open House? Suggested the "12 months" squares embroidered by M with navy/white gingham squares which is already sewn and ready to quilt. 

Will continue to work on the 4 baby quilts in the frames. But, also need to get quilting on the big, black, bear quilt, promised as a Christmas present. Perhaps we can schedule extra quilting days  before the busy holiday season begins.  Reminder... 10/28 Halloween lunch invitation at noon, following morning quilting.


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